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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    I will post a pic of these Alcantara pads on the TH-X00 later. These are what you guys should be paying attention to.

    soft plush and sounds great. They have soft memory foam underneath the pads. These will never get hard. I think all manner of pleather will eventually get harder through time.
    This headphone is serious stuff. Sounds better than the Sony Z7 since that needed an amp with the Zx2. Although not portable I must admit it's as enjoyable as my V6. Bass is warm and sounds perfect with electronic and rock music.
    I wished this had detachable cable as I need to find a case large enough to fit the headphone without bending the headphone connectors.
  3. Whitigir

    Detachable cables like this ? Z7 style

    And with zx2 TRRS connection :D

    If you want it this style, I can help you by using stock cables. Upgrade to solid silver if you wanted :D. Though I only has enough silver and jacks left for 1 pair*
  4. fjrabon
    Did some head to head between the TH900 and THX00 today.
    1) TH900 is a V-shape and THX00 is a U shape. We all knew that, but it's an immediately perceptible difference.
    2) TH900 bass is better. Not just quantity. Quality is better as well. TH900 is as good as bass gets in dynamic drivers, IMHO. THX00 is INCREDIBLE but the TH900 had more sub bass and was better controlled. Now some may be the TH900 lack of mids cuts bloominess. But it may also be the TH900 having a 50% stronger driver.
    3) TH900 has very sparkly treble, THX00 has smoother treble. This makes the TH900 seem a bit airier.
    4) I really enjoyed the TH900, but kinda found it fatiguing at a point. It does things no other headphone does though.

    If money were no concern it would be a tough choice. I prefer the THX00 signature but the TH900 bass is a force of nature that no other dynamic headphone in the world matches. Nothing else has that much power and control. I feel like I could EQ into the signature I prefer, but didn't really play around with EQ that much. All testing was done with flat EQ.
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  5. Whitigir
    Thank you for the comparison :wink: I feel th900 does very well both bass and trebles :D. I love the speed and the density of the tones in th900
  6. sabloke
    Could someone compare them with PM3? Also, anyone paired them with Mojo? I'm sorry asking these questions... It looks like mine are a month away due to customs employees deciding to strike right before the holidays...
  7. inseconds99
    I had just shipped my TH900's so I couldn't try swapping pads but I would have loved to swap pads and here if these sonic changes are mostly because of pads. Would the airiness show up on the x00's if it had the 900's pads, would the bass have cleaned up and would have the sparkly treble reared its head again. I'm assuming you never got to swap pads.
  8. ezekiel77
    Great comparisons, Noel Gallagher. [​IMG]
  9. jamor
    These puppies really shine in the Bass department when you bump up the EQ.  They are definitely basshead worthy.  Shake your head status.  You can really feel the sub bass rummmbleee and mid bass slam your brain.  Need a brain massage? Just put on your THX.  Just got mine today [​IMG] 
    But the performance of this can is unbelievable.  Incredible detail and dynamics in the mids and highs.  Pure fun.  And most importantly, not harsh. 
    Like the ear pads too.  Fit perfectly around my medium sized ears and nice and comfy.  I love velour for long term comfort but these are nice for what they are. 
  10. rdnkjdi
    Can anyone here comment on the sound signature of these vs the Audio Technica W1000X?
  11. Rnewton3
    Id be interested to know this also! The W1000x was one of my favourites when I auditioned headphones recently...
  12. paradoxology
    My TH-X00 was delivered today by my friendly neighborhood UPS guy and I am very pleased with my purchase. Excellent fit and finish and constructed using premium materials. Very comfortable, even with the stock pads. The mahogany cups are gorgeous, too! The sound quality is outstanding with forward, controlled bass and clean, articulate highs. I couldn't be happier! 
    Edit: Since serial numbers seem to matter to some people, mine is #310
  13. irishnutter
    These definitely continue to improve (now at the 48-hour mark - I've been burning in 24x7).
    Out of the box: bass was boomy with lack of texture and leading edge transients were soft, midrange slightly recessed and sounded a little harmonically thin but not bad, treble range was well-balanced and smooth. It was actually the treble that impressed me the most OOTB.  From the lower midrange up, clarity and resolution were also excellent IMO. 
    At the 48 hour mark: midrange/vocals now sound fantastic, bass quantity has calmed down while quality is definitely starting to improve (although I still think there is room for improvement here),  Not sure I heard a drastic change in imaging/soundstage but I'm primarily a 2-channel speaker system guy, so am not experienced in the quality of soundstaging available out of cans.
    I think the strong attributes of these are: drive, alive-sounding, a bit forward/intimate/front-row, excellent timbre and tone across the range, grain-free.  I actually find the FR to be pretty linear at this point.  It was definitely a "U" out of the box but now it's maybe a lower-case "u". But at the 48-hour mark, I really think the FR is pretty even with just small peaks and dips.
    I still hope the bass continues to improve in terms of texture and leading edge transients.
    But overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.   Right now, I'm running these out of my Marantz NA-11S1 but would like to next get either a "portable" DAP (e.g., new Onkyo of Fiio X7) or DAC/Amp (M9xx, Mojo, etc.).  I feel all I've done for the last week is read different Headfo threads!
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    The THX00 are pairing nicely with the LH Labs v2+. With their efficiency. Only need the amp setting for IEM to drive the THX00s.

    At this stage everything nows seems to have settled in. The bass decay seems very natural. It blends nicely into the mids.
  15. Badfish5446
    If you haven't tried this test track from Basstronics, these things are pretty potent down low: https://youtu.be/CZfAjxGpRuc
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