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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. yukihasi
    I will check that, thanks.
    That doesn't sound good.
    It is the worst case scenario, they can't even figure out where it was delivered. Already called UPS yesterday and they said MD was informed about the situation, makes it even weirder why they still haven't got back to me, I sent e-mails before and after UPS talked with them. 
  2. Soundsgoodtome

    Now that sucks. Anyone have experience with this? Do they send the driver to try to look for it or ask the residence where they left it at?
  3. yukihasi
    I can only hope they do, it's a whole long story about the driver and UPS customer service, but what will happen is that they'll go find it, if they fail then they refund MD, can be up to 8 business days for the process, just hope it will be quick. 
  4. mangler

    Full Compass may be able to get them for you. They got me a new bolt and screw for the hinge on my TH900 after the original one kept coming unscrewed. They've also got th900/600 pads in stock if anybody is interested.
  5. vwinter

    Story of our lives?

    Nice points.
    8 is great because it potentially makes this a decent office can.
    Re: 9 - maybe it's my crappy music or my HRTF creating resonance at the specific frequencies, but I can get these to show sibilance without much effort.

    Thanks for the tip. I find them pretty damn comfortable already, but never would have tried that. Was that written somewhere?

    Worst case is its gone, Massdrop files a claim with UPS and refunds you and if they are cool, would offer you something for your trouble with one of their vendors, seeing as how you can't enjoy what you ordered, paid for and we're excited about.
  6. jackharm
    I've had a UPS misdelivery a couple of months ago; they said it was left at my side-door, and it took like 30 minutes of wondering around my house/the block to see that they delivered it to my neighbors door. I guess that door is on the side of my house?[​IMG]
    Luckily it was a large box and that they weren't there/neighborhood was empty as it would have looked odd seeing a person pick up a package from a door and take it with them.
    But I haven't had an occurrence where the package wasn't delivered close to it's destination/where it had to be tracked 'n traced. Best of luck :<
  7. inseconds99
    UPS Delivered $2,500 in computing equipment, monitors, video card ETC ETC to my next door neighbors house. Lets just say that these people aren't the nicest and most forthcoming people. I got a delivery notification, walked outside, nothing on my porch, UPS didn't ring my bell or knock at all. I'm in my pajamas running around the neighborhood trying to figure out where the packages were left. Walked next door to the house behind me, it was pitch black up a long driveway and I see all my packages on their porch. Luckily they weren't home or they would be 100% gone forever.  I looked like such a shady wierdo running out of their driveway with all my packages like i stole them when they were actually mine. LOL
  8. fjrabon
    Can't get over how great these are straight out of an iPhone. As good or maybe better than some of the amps I've tried. Really wasn't expecting this good Unamped. The adaptor looks insane coming out of it though. I guess it makes some sense given the iPhone 6S impedance being somewhere around 2 ohms. Honestly think it sounds better than the Vali.
    TWerk likes this.
  9. Whitigir

    Hence why my th900 sing so well on zx2 :D. High-end audio quality and high-end portability :wink:
  10. Billheiser

    The Valhalla 2 is the best amp I have tried them on.  Of course, that's just based on the ones i have.  But I have no reservations about TH-X00 on the low gain setting on the V2:  dang good.  Volume setting max around 11:00 depending on the track.
    itayze likes this.
  11. notfitforpublic

    Brilliant news, thanks Billheiser! Out of curiosity, are you running stock tubes?
  12. TWerk

    Yeah, low impedance phones sound very good through iphones/portables. They are good players. I like my Ultrasones through my iphone/laptop too.
    Another good reason to go for these - you can save on the upstream gear - especially for people who don't want to buy that extra equipment.
  13. bavinck
    OK people, everyone is talking about soundstage and bass amount and such. How about timbre and tone? Do these guys make instruments sound real?
  14. Hansotek
    I think it's very good. Wood cups are usually a winner when it comes to tone and timbre.
  15. fjrabon

    I mean it's fairly U shaped. But it's a fairly smooth U curve so the transitions sound natural. Nothing sounds wonky, but it certainly doesn't sound neutral.
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