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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. bavinck

    Old school gamer dude lol
  2. Soundsgoodtome
    CONTRA in particular, 2 player mode with 30 lives :)
  3. michael4321
    This is wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_objectification
    intlsubband likes this.
  4. Rnewton3
    Will we still recieve shipping confirmation if we're outside of the US (using forwarding service provided by MD)?
  5. sabloke
    I'd have Monica Bellucci over any anorexic supermodel. So TH-X00 should be a perfect fit then
  6. lukeap69

    You have just confirmed that you are as old as I am. CONTRA and SuperMario were my favourite games more than 2 decades ago. :)
  7. moedawg140 Contributor

    Add B, A in the code as well. Loved Contra, 1 and 2 player modes. I liked using the variation codes with the TMNT series also. Fun times.
  8. nicolo
    Removed comments. Apologize for making insensitive comments.
  9. intlsubband
    Did anyone try the X00 (or the 600/900) from a Corda Classic? That amp sounds good with almost anything I tried - maybe with the slight exception of Grados
  10. Happytalk

    I got mine today as we'll. like others,I just had 5 minutes with them. "If you want a bass head headphone but don't want to give up other qualities... These could be your holy grail."

    That about sums it up. They are bassy but still retain great instrument separation and clarity. Somehow not muddy. But Ron Carter was a lot more present than he normally is on my HD600's. Somehow they are bassy but not veiled.

    That's all for now.
  11. moedawg140 Contributor

    Even though I liked the earlier Mario games (NES, Game Boy, etc. Marios), my favorite Mario game was Super Mario World for SNES. Passing all 96 exits was one of my highlights as a youngin. That, and beating Street Fighter 2 Turbo for SNES on hardest mode without losing a round with Ryu. Took me about 3 months playing each day to master the game (SFII Turbo says you've mastered the person you used to win without losing a round after you reached the end of the game).

    Regarding the TH-X00, it's a versatile headphone, but I'm glad a shorter cable will be attached to it soon.
  12. sghound
    please don't do this to me
  13. sahmen
    Nicely done:
    Now to come to headphones, I like all three types you described...  Different flavors for different musical formats or different occasions, ya know.  And since we are talking headphones (as opposed to women), I can have and live with all three types...  I could even opt to have and live with two to three of each type, as long as my wallet can go the distance... and that sounds like win, win, win, in my book, without any "poison" anywhere to mar the sauce.
    To bring things fully back on topic : I received my shipping notification yesterday...  My shipment arrives later today...  Now that's really quick and sweet, for a change!
  14. sahmen
    What is he doing to you? whetting your appetite? That ain't such a bad thing?[​IMG]
  15. lukeap69

    Obviously, you are younger than me because I played SF when I was already in college. :grinning:

    I have a feeling I will like this headphone. I have Mojo Jojo, Theorem 720 and Ragnarok to pair this with. Hope it will also play balls with my PIBE.
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