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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Soundsgoodtome

    I heard the D5000 with the project Sunrise 3 and that was stunning. Of course it helped it was getting fed with an Auralic Vega but the amp and headphone combo was very very promising. I think the PS3 and THX00 will be a great combo indeed.
    I thought I scored a massive glitch of an HE400i and T70 from a seller for under $500 but it was caught and corrected. Looks like I'm back for the THX00 lol.
  2. inseconds99
    Quote from another Headphone website from Will Massdrop:

    Looks like swapping pads for comfort is a bad idea, that is a downer right there as those stock pads are small.
  3. project86 Contributor
    It really depends on the tube amp in question. Output impedance has always been problematic since the Fostex/Denon models are only 25 ohms. Something like a Project Sunrise with the lowest setting (which I believe is 1 ohm or so) would potentially sound great, while other tube amps (including many expensive models) won't pair very well. 
    Just like tube amp pairing, it will really depend on the pads you choose. I think what Will is getting at is don't swap back to the stock TH-600 pads or anything similar. But an Alpha Pad, Angle Pad, or HM5 pad is not really similar at all. 
  4. Soundsgoodtome

    This is exactly what I had in mind (and have). I think this headphone will be a beast out of the Project Sunrise 3 and linear power supply, which makes this purchase that much more of a must. :)
  5. Luckbad
    These earpads (just pulled them off) are definitely interesting. They have a fairly hard white foam ring covering everywhere but the ear opening. Swapping to the HM5 pads, the minor peaks shift to different spots (closer to what I heard in the TH600 from HM5 pads).
    I think what he's getting at is that if you want this smoothed out frequency response and bigger pads, you'll want to look into putting something in there between them.
    I swapped over to Audeze vegan pads and put the little hard liner thing in. Still less treble-peaky than the TH600, but slightly more than the new stock pads.
    I wonder what this white stuff is made of in the pads. It's kinda halfway between styrofoam and plastic. Maybe a styrene sheet like this? http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=22883&catid=715
    This could actually open up a pretty significant window into modding all headphones. One simple comment from the inestimable Will.
    If I can find a fairly cheap and very thin sheet somewhere, I'll probably pick it up and experiment with various thicknesses stacked. Maybe I'll bug a local who is adept at frequency response measurements and see if we can get a bunch of measurements. No promises, and it would be weeks out if we're able to do it.
    Edit: I should have some 0.02" high impact styrene on Tuesday.
  6. WillBright
    Get some high density foam sheets as well. That ring under the earpads is highly important to the sound signature. Maybe even a couple layers of shelf liner? I haven't experimented much with alternate materials, but before we got started on this project I spent a lot of time taking apart and putting back together some TH-600s and 900s. Try taking the cups off sometime, see if the sound changes dramatically, one would think that right?
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  7. Mshenay Contributor
    I wonder how the Alpha Pads will work for this can, they made my LA D5000 VERY VERY Dark, which is nice since I usually use that for metal an any form of DnB, both are genres that can be a little hot in the treble 
  8. svmusa
    Nice summary, I will be following your final impressions in regards to DX1000 from stock sound signature. I rather own one of these than both...THX00 is surely more economical but for big ears the pad fit may pose an issue. 
  9. Sonido

    Conversely if you replaced the pads of the TH600/900 with these pads, would that treble glare lessen? I think a more fair comparison between these and the TH600/900 would involve using the same pads
  10. Painful Chafe
    Good to hear!
    Yes, these will be my next purchase.
  11. aak57
    So to ask a dumb newbish question, how would these compare to the Denon D2000s?  From what I've been reading the Fostex TH line seems to be the cousin of the Denon DX000 line and I like certain aspects of the D2000 but I still use my K7XXs/Mad Dogs since they seem to be "better" in a way that I'm not really adept enough to describe, I guess detail?  Never tried anything more expensive than the MDs/K7XXs so I'm pretty ignorant of the actual audiophile world, which these seem to be close to/a part of (even though the price is closer to what I've spent).  I get that the sound signature would be different, but would there be a noticeable step up in objective quality?  Or is signature really what you're paying for when you enter the actual audiophile realm?  Basically what I'm getting at here is would these give me that "wow this is something" feeling like when I went from $75-100 cans to $200-300 ones?  Or would it be more like I'm just trying out a different signature and I may go back to the MDs/K7XXXs if I prefer those signatures and I wouldn't feel like I'm giving up something (like if I went back to $75 headphones I would know they're not as good, even if I like the signature)?
    Sorry if my rambling is incoherent, got an email from MD and just read everything regarding these and my head is a swirl since I was pretty comfy in the lower-mid tier but these have me contemplating spending $400 suddenly.
  12. wahsmoh
    Since these are coming out now I don't feel so bummed I missed out on the TH900 drop. I would rather have something more balanced with more midrange presence than what I have heard from the TH900s while still retaining some of the fun.
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    right, AND these are limited edition :D
  14. Hansotek
    I'm pretty sure the upgrade from the D2000 would be significant. I just re-cupped my D2000 with wood cups, and that was a pretty big leap in sound quality. These have a better driver and cable, so I'm guessing that, while they will be different, they will be objectively better. Obviously, won't know until I hear them, but it seems like a safe assumption.
  15. abhinit90

    Won't exactly be limited edition IMO, as I think they'll go the K7xx route with multiple drops throughout the year.
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