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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. fjrabon
    Nah, can't talk 150 WPM
  2. bavinck

    150 wpm! Wow!
  3. aak57
    Is there a guide for replacing the cable with an SMC setup?  From some research all I could really find are pictures of headphones after the mod and that these are apparently the connectors I should get.  But looking at them I'm not sure how soldering would work, and I'm also enough of a newb I don't know what cable I should buy to go with them.
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  4. Sonido

    Excuse my novice question, but how do you know if a headphone needs current over voltage? Is it based on a combination of the sensitivity and impedance? And I agree these (or at least the TH900) sound good with more current. Especially can hear a difference through the current output of my Bakoon amp.

  5. JohnYang
    A good rule of thumb is usually lower impedance headphones want better current control, while higher impedance headphones want better voltage control.
    But it is sometime case by case situation.
    This is at least what I learned, could be wrong.
  6. nicolo
    Apparently offended people with my comments as they're being considered sexual objectification and thus not amusing. So removing these just in case.
    Moderators: please remove all other instances of my comments in other people's comments and as they're not germane to the discussion here anyway. Thanks.
    Further i will refrain making comments anyone may find offensive on this forum going forward.
  7. vwinter
    In respect of wishes.
  8. nicolo
    Depends on whether you want to look at them or live with them. You can't live with all 3. Pick your poison!!
  9. MannerPylon
    If only things were so simple... the coded wording in those descriptions...
    In hopes that this thread can continue on without raging fires let's turn our attention back to the HPs themselves.
    I'm eager to hear people's impressions as they come in. Going to start experimenting with different amps for these to see how easy/hard to drive they sound or how sensitive they are to pairings.
  10. Billheiser
    Maybe start a thread for fu date, marry, kill?
    E.g., I'd date the LCD-3, marry the TH-X00, and kill the Grado Rs1e.
  11. nicolo
    I dated the LCD-X, married the HE-560, killed the Grado 325i
  12. nicolo
    Code! What code? Please explain:wink:
  13. Soundsgoodtome
    Up up down down left left right right select start.
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  14. MannerPylon
    Don't think it was your intention but using adjectives like "perfectly" and "skinny" have positive/negative connotations that are less descriptive and more geared to sway a reader in one direction or another.
  15. nicolo
    Corrected that. Good catch. Wasn't intended as you said.
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