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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Swolern
    Wow that different eh. The TH-900 is definitely one of the best headphones i have heard(for certain music genres).
  2. Soundsgoodtome
    You slamming the phone as the worst you've heard in a while and rather have beats would leave me to believe you are straight up lying. Yes I'm calling you a liar. Blunt enough for you? DecentLevi

    jude if my posts are an issue, let me know and I'll edit it
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  3. sunni
    Is possible to use earpads from Hifiman on these headphones? Since I'm in China and it's not easy to get those Brainwavz or Lawton pads, while Hifiman pads can be bought conveniently, Hifiman's pads could be my only choice to play with these headphones...
  4. DecentLevi
    On the other side of the argument is that Beats actually has a few cans that sound quite acceptable. I've tried several without any bias, and was actually quite pleased with the sound of the Mixr. Not enough to buy it though. You should try it actually. Also on the other side is that there is a possibility that I had actually tried it, and that I would have no reason to otherwise say so.
  5. Soundsgoodtome
    Would you be willing to write an official review on the thx00 saying what you said then? No other agenda than to tell the truth and be blunt right? On a new thread reading thx00 review or go to the Head-fi review section. Please rate it, review it which way you like and make it official.

    This way people can see your reviewing and make a impression on how you hear headphones.
  6. ezekiel77
    Isn't Brainwavz from Hong Kong?
  7. sunni
    Is it? I don't know, I thought it was from US... But anyway, I can't find any Brainwavz pads on Chinese website so...
  8. nicolo
    Yup. Same idea here, though i will be getting a Liquid Carbon (hopefully) instead.
  9. Whitigir

    I was actually considering your point of view .... Until you said some of the beats headphones are kind of good ? For what I know, beats use cheap Chinese drivers, none was in house made, being plastic. So...cheap driver is weaker magnet, and plastic is slower than bio-cell (regardless of microbial or plant bio-cell). There is no way under the blue sky any beat headphones can even compare to the fostex.

    Now I am talking about technologies stand point only, raw and pure.
  10. DecentLevi
    I do believe you're right about the shoddy construction of Beats, and have even posted similar myself as well. I'm also not a supporter of their products because of their profiteering, brand, etc. In fact I came to the Beats line-up with low expectations. However, against all odds, after a 20-30 min. critical listening session at a quiet BestBuy, about 1 of 7 of their 'cans actually did give me some of the best soundstage I've ever heard from an on-ear headphone (Mixr), as well as a fairly neutral FR and quality treble (albeit somewhat 'plasticy' bass and too musical overall). Fostex can never compare to Beats? Well I'd say they could if you were to compare perhaps the worst of one brand to the best of the other. Even Beyerdynamic and Audio Technica have come out with some real doozies amoung other flagships. Just goes to show to not judge a book by it's cover - nor a headphone by words alone in this case. Anyway I'm finished here.
  11. Soundsgoodtome
  12. linkbane
    I'm frankly amazed that you'd come into a thread, post a 'review' purely consisting of negative accusations which have seemingly no corroboration with the statements of others and drop some vague BS about 'don't judge things by their cover' and expect to be taken seriously.
  13. wahsmoh
    Hey you never know maybe he's onto something. I haven't heard them yet personally and won't have them til Friday. In his profile it says he likes Alpha Dogs and HD600 sound, both of which I own which are marvelous and balanced sounding. If these don't sound as good as Alpha Dogs then I'll probably sell them.
  14. sghound
    and i have a feelin Fostex/Massdrop will have the last laugh
  15. fjrabon
    man, this thread is so crazy. 99% of the commenters have never even heard the finalized production model, and we're getting catfights, people enraged it doesn't beat out a $1200 flagship clearly in every way, etc.  This is probably the most head-fi thread on head-fi.Just need to resurrect a good old DBT flame war and it will have everything, all before almost anybody has even heard the thing.
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