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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. DecentLevi
    I've tried at least 30 closed headphones, and without a doubt my recommendations under $1K are Fostex TH-900 (if you can find one used), or the new Beyerdynamic DT 1770
  2. bavinck

    Lol, no schiit hey?
  3. JamieCole
    Hey there @gelocks - did you join the x00 drop? If so, what are your expectations of this can versus our trusty Signature DJ's? 
    I'm excited to hear them out! 
  4. Sonido
    Wait till next week when you see them on ebay for $500-600 or more. Happened with K7XX. Heck even now the NIB ones are still selling around $300
  5. Mshenay
    Now that I worry about more than seeing them appear here on Head Fi
    gelocks likes this.
  6. gelocks

    Yeah, I did.
    Expect them to be more comfortable, have less bass presence and more controlled treble (un-eq'ed) :p
  7. jamato8 Contributor

    The Fostex TH900 are comfortable also but a little warm in the summer. I had mine rewired with Whiplash Twau cable balanced with an adapter to go single ended and the bass is improved some as is the transparency. 
  8. Maconi
    I've always wanted to check out the TH-900, it's outside the $1k range though. The new DT 1770 did catch my eye though (I have the DT 990 PRO 250 Ohm).
  9. TMRaven

    They'd be going for 400 or more on head-fi right probably if not for the strict rules on flipping.
  10. JamieCole
    I'm there with you! I'll add that I'm hoping for a bit more soundstage and bass, while less prominent throughout the signature, has more sub bass and responds well to eq'ing. 
    Do you plan on keeping both?
  11. aamefford
    My votes for closed under a grand:
    If you can stand the look - Alpha Prime (~$500 - $600 used), Alpha Dog ($300- $400 used) or Mad Dogs ($??? used - maybe $200?)  All have great sound for the price, and are now I think discontinued, but still available.  They isolate really well.  I've owned them all.
    If you want to look good - PM-3's.  Sound great, you don't look like a WW-II Bombardier, and they isolate quite well.  Also comfy and sound great from an iPhone.  I've owned these, and will buy them again once my rig shuffling settles down again.
    The Fostex TH900, 600 are neat, look nice and leak sound both directions like a chicken wire fence.  They sound good though, if you like the quantity of bass they provide (lots).  Note that I only have meet impressions of these, so the usual grain of salt is recommended.
    I've had the Beyer DT 1350 and liked it, and the Senn HD-25-II, and found it too V shaped.  Both of these are on ear, which I finally determined I don't tolerate well.
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  12. doctorjazz
    I like the Sennheiser Amperior and the DT1350 for outside listening (use them on dog walks).
  13. audiobot

    Hahaha. I took his quote more along the lines that people are already putting them up for sale and that is shameful.
  14. warubozu
    Well looks like I'll have to wait until Mon.for my cans to ship out. Hope the wait pays off which I think it will for a pair of $400 cans.
  15. Soundsgoodtome
    Check the Seattle meet thread, his avatar's a pig. I can't speak for him and this isn't the thread to discuss this.
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