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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. DecentLevi
    Well now that you put it like that I'll explain a bit more, even though this is an LC thread.
    The Fostex TH-X00 was everything that's bad about the Audeze EL-8 in a closed back version: humongous mid-bass hump, severely rolled off on both ends, total void of impact and refinement, small stage. It was the worst sound I've heard in many months and would much rather take a Beats 'can, seriously. This was however a prototype, yet I'd doubt the final version is drastically different. Also without naming any names, I do believe there are powers that be here that say everything sounds wonderful for reasons other than hobby. And that is as much as I feel I can say without taking backlash. Please try it first.
  2. vhsownsbeta

    I don't know if I would call a collaborative $400 headphone extremely polarising or bad for the hobby. $400 power cords, magical rocks and bits of wood on the other hand...
  3. Maconi
    From what I understand the TH-X00 is just a modified TH-600 (same driver, different pads/enclosure). A big problem is there just aren't that many good closed back headphones under $1k it seems like. I settled on the EL-8C and it's alright (with some EQ) and is great for isolation. Without going over $1k (for the Ether or etc.) what would you recommend?
  4. Mshenay Contributor
    Interestingly, Mark mentioned that his mods are applicable to the TH X00, I turned him down as I'm already having my LA D5k tightented [screw wise] an pad swapped. Still he informed me that his mods can be applied. Not sure what differance they'd make. 
  5. audiobot

    Hahaha. Tell me about it.
  6. dmkbox

    Hm. Used? For few hours not used, maybe checked?
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    well it's not for profit so that's ... nice
    gelocks likes this.
  8. Khragon

    I don't see anything wrong with that price? what's so shameful about it?  People decided the HPs are not for them, used for less than a couple hours isn't really used.
    gelocks and Hi-Fi EDU like this.
  9. gelocks
    You actually expect them to sell the cans for $300 because they used them for a few hours?!?!? I don't get it!
    Shame on you!
    grizzlybeast likes this.
  10. grizzlybeast
    oh shoot lol I have been following both threads. 
    I thought this was the other thread my bad....kinda find it hard to believe though.
  11. Painful Chafe
    Will he pick me up in Eugene?
  12. grizzlybeast
    380 390 sounds about right. 
    Thats the point of Massdrop. No need to drop the prices even further. The price is already low based on group buys. 
  13. doctorjazz
    I like the Shure 1540. Also the FAD Pandora Hope VI (this one has lovers and haters). I thought about getting the Fostex X00, didn't go for it because I already have more headphones than I can listen to, and use the HE-1000 most of the time anyway. I can't argue with the "listen first" advice, always a good idea if you can, though I don't see how it is possible for most of us with a Massdrop exclusive offer. Pretty much have to go by consensus, and roll the dice. And, the consensus, from what I've read (haven't heard it) is overwhelmingly positive. It's a bit like crowd funding...you go for what will be a great deal if it works out, but you're taking a chance since it really can't be auditioned.
  14. elvergun
    I agree with you here.  This is a headphone which cannot be purchased anywhere...brand new, for the most part (definitely "in mint condition").  If i don't like this model I will probably sell it for $399 including shipping (I had to pay taxes since I'm in California).    I would not be forcing anyone to buy the headphone -- if the price is shameful, interested buyers can ignore the sales post and just wait for the next drop.
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  15. Khragon
    Note to self for me, ignore next hype drop, purchase later through classified here, will get faster shipping and saving on tax.
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