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Fostex TR-X00, TH6-10, TH-900 & the Sennheiser connection(ors).

  1. FireLion
    So what is the difference in simple terms?
    The cables have the Left and Right markers on the outside which should match the markers on the headphone. Fostex has the larger pin opposite to what Sennheiser has and the polarity is also reversed.

    So you mean I can't use Sennhesier cables?
    You can use certain ones but again long term you might damage the connectors and it's not ideal. If you do plug the larger pin into the right socket then polarity is reversed and sound qulaity is muddy.

    Why this post?
    I see on amazon a seller was listing New Fantasia cables that are for Fostex headphones like the TH900, TH610 etc. They are actually designed for Sennheisers but might screw up the connectors long term. I used a multi meter to test the polarity as I wasn't sure myself.

    Does Fostex sell connectors for custom cables?
    Not that I can find which really sucks but you can get them on ebay and more so on Aliexpress but they are about $30 a pop. I thought with the large influx of TR-X00's Fostex would have sorted something out by now.

    Aliexpress connector 1
    Aliexpress connector 2
    Aliexpress lot of 5 pairs

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  2. Sayex
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  3. FireLion
  4. Sayex
    How much were they?
    30 usd for a pin connector seems a bit much
  5. FireLion
    It is but Fostex connectors for TH900 etc are rare as unicorns. I have a pretty amazing Sennheiser cables but can't use it so It was worth it for me Aliexpress Connectors.

  6. Arjestin
    Thanks omegaorgun. I also pulled out a multimeter, and can confirm that the polarity in this photo is correct.

    30USD for 2 connectors is a bit excessive IMO. I suggest 3 possible solutions:
    1) Take your Sennheiser cable, cut off the TRS/XLR (amp end) connector, and re-solder a new connector to reverse polarity.
    2) Solder 2 cheap Sennheiser connectors to reverse polarity.
    3) Just plug the Sennheiser cable backwards, knowing that this may loosen or damage the Fostex sockets over time.

    Personally, I'm gonna go with option 1 and re-solder a nice 4-pin XLR to a stock HD650 cable.
    You may also want to file/cut out some of the plastic material from the Sennheiser connectors to allow a better fit in the Fostex sockets.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
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  7. FireLion
    Yea the thing is to find one that the connectors fit snug as I have seen some that are very loose.

    If Fostex/Massdrop released a set it would be nice.
  8. Arjestin
    For those not afraid of a soldering iron and a little DIY, switching the polarity takes about 10-15 minutes. You may also want to file/cut out some plastic material around the Sennheiser connectors to allow a snug fit in the Fostex sockets.

  9. SilverEars
    Does anybody know where to get the female adapters to convert an original to detachable cable?

    I should be able to use Sennheiser cables with them, correct?
  10. Arjestin
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  11. matti55
    I've been looking for a shorter cable for my TR-X00 for a while. Is there no one currently selling this type with the right connector?
  12. VickyLovesHeadphones
    I can make one for you, but it won't be cheap. The connectors alone cost $30. If you're interested, PM me.
  13. matti55
  14. Svenrolic
    First off, hey man! I've seen you post here before, but I never really had anything to contribute. Nice to see you around. (I'm the same UN as on reddit, so I'm assuming you're the same one as well. Sorry if I'm confused.)

    I've been making some custom cables, so I appreciate the knowledge here. Have you found anything similar like the pin-out in the Audeze/ZMF etc being wonky? Thanks for the heads-up!

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