Fostex TH900 + Silver Dragon V3 cable + Furutech 1/4" and Neutrik 4 pins XLR adapters

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  1. midnightwalker
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    Up for sale my Fostex TH900 Mk1 headphone full box in fair cosmetic condition. Pet free and no smoking environment. The package comes with below:

    - Original box and stand
    - The headphone itself hardwired with Silver Dragon V3 cable
    - 1/4" Furutech adapter
    - 4 pins XRL Neutrik adapter

    Free ship ConUS.


    Let me know if you have question.


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  2. protoss
    Are the TH900 pads removable? 
  3. midnightwalker
    Yes, you can easily find a replacement pair on eBay or higher quality than the stock one at Lawton Audio:
    The current pads can be used without any issue and not as bad as it looks. I just highlighted the cosmetic wear so people can see it easier.
  4. jmills8
    Pads are very easy to change. I usually brake things cause Im too rough but when I changed the pads on mt TH900 it was quick and easy.
  5. protoss
    Yes thank you. I for some reason thought only the TH900MKII had removable pads only
  6. jmills8
    I changed the Mk2s but I also have the MK1. Hope it changes the same way.
  7. protoss
    Is their any difference between Mk1 vs Mk2 in sound quality? beside the removable cables and pads? 
    I know that in the T1 vs T1 Ver.2 they fix many small issues. Is it the same with the MK2? 
  8. jmills8
    On paper they suppose to be the same. My MK2 has like 15 hrs use and the MK1 has over 300 and theres a sound difference.
  9. protoss
    okay thanks 
  10. midnightwalker
    test bump
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