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Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. Rayzilla
    I still have one here with your name on it. :wink:
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  2. jmills8
    I agree, but I have not seen another case thats so portable and strong.
  3. shampoosuicide
    Anyone have experience with both the Lawton pads and Dekoni Sheepskin's (non-fenestrated)? Have done a search in the thread, but found just one or two brief direct comparisons regarding sound differences.

    I have the ZMF Ori pads, Dekoni Sheepskin pads, and MrSpeakers VOCE Electrostat pads. The Dekoni sheepskin's are my favourite so far, but still about 4dB too high for me in the 128Hz region, and could do with a bit more treble sparkle. Would the Lawton pads fit the bill?
  4. jmills8
    Lawton gave me slightly less bass.
  5. shampoosuicide
    Many thanks for sharing that!
  6. shampoosuicide
    A word on the MrSpeakers VOCE electrostat pads - I got these on the strength of the reviews from @Vatican and @cute, and picked up a pair for myself. Soundstage was huge, and clarity took a big step forward as well compared to the Dekoni sheepskin's, but the bass was completely sucked out. I made a pair of custom attenuation rings, and rotated the foam dampeners to position #2 (see Whitigr's EZ mods), and now the bass is back to healthy levels, with no noticeable impact on the soundstage or clarity.

    Highly recommended!
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  7. Kiba No Ou
    Hi All, i'm going to buy a TH-900 Mk2 modded by Spirit Audio in the near future, right now i've got a TH-600, a FiiO Q5 and just bought an HP-A4BL.
    Can i have some advice for a better match of DAC/Amp in this price range or more?

    Best regards
  8. audiorrorist
    I owned the original TH900. These are a nice evolution and I love the craftsmanship Fostex put into the headphones.
  9. Christoph
    I got mine TH-900 before a couple of weeks, like them very much, especially the rich and punchy bass.

    I have to admit i don't like the original earpads (artifical leather made from eggshells), so the first task was to replace them.
    After some research i decided to go for the Dekoni sheepskin earpads (non fenestrated) which i like very much from the haptics (i like the real leather feeling). Sound was still good close to the original earpads. Not sure if there was less bass or the same amount.

    On top, inspired by Junki's felt mod
    i attached also self adhesive feld onto the attenuation rings and i pleased by the result.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
  10. AudioThief
    Hello all.

    I have recently gotten rid of my Stax 007 mk1, gustard x20 pro and 727II in a massive downgrade of equipment, as I simply could not use it enough to do it justice.

    I currently own the LCD-2. I have previously owned the Stax L300, Fostex TH 900, HD650, JVC 1000, Denon AH-D5000 to name a few.

    My personal favorites out of the bunch were 007, L300 and TH 900. Now, I really enjoy the LCD 2s. But I want something special. I am either looking to get the HD800 or the TH 900.

    Now, the thing I loved about the TH 900 was the dynamics. They just had so much life. The 007 were better in most aspects, but the TH 900 made my feet tap more than any other headphone. And I think I prefer a bit more energy up top. I remember the TH 900 to be a tad bit sharp, needing the right DAC to feed it. And I remember faulting the TH 900 for not being "reference" enough - not all round enough. Now, the LCD 2 are allround. I want something special, something to just go crazy about.

    I am considering the HD800 or the TH 900. I believe my perfect headphone would be the Stax L700, but I am unsure about what comes closest to that. I loved the TH 900, and its unique. But I am afraid that I might be missing out on some seriously fantastic sound if I skip the HD800, and its more often compared to the e-stats.

    So what do you say, TH 900 owners? How does the TH 900 relate to the HD800? And the L700 also!
  11. Arniesb
    Beyerdynamic Dt1990pro dont have as much bass, but still is very punchy, less harsh, better mids, better stage. Simillar resolution.
  12. arielext
    I have had both the HD800S and TH900 at some point together and the HD800S was more technical and analytical, the TH900 more musical. I tamed down the highs by using Dekoni Sheepskin pads and the attenuation rings.
    At the moment I am a firm believer of the Stax SR-007mk2.9; though it's missing out on those really low notes, exactly what the TH900 does best and the HD800 lacks.
    If I had to make the choice right now: TH900
  13. Mkoll
    The HD800 lacks bass compared to the TH-900. Both are overly bright for many people including me. I EQ my TH-900 with a custom Sonarworks True-Fi curve and it makes them reference flat with the option to boost the bass and treble which I do a little bit. They are my go-to electronic/soundtrack headphones. The LCD-2 is probably closer to the TH-900 in sound so if you're looking for something to complement it, the HD 800 might be a better choice. I've heard the HD800 also EQs well.

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  14. AudioThief
    Thank you guys.

    would you say that the HD800 is strictly more reference than the TH 900 and a technically better performer?
  15. up late
    the hd800 has a more even fr than the th900, so i think it's fair to say that it is more "reference" than the th900, which has a v shaped fr. they have such different sound signatures that i almost find it easier to contrast them than to compare them. can you audition them and let your ears be the judge?

    speaking for myself, i have auditioned the hd800 extensively over the years. i've also auditioned and compared the sr-009, sr-007 and sr-l700. none of them engaged me like the th900 does. so while the th900 may be considered more "fun" than "reference", it's the only headphone from that group that i wanted to own - ymmv.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019

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