Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. Oregonian
    They, along with the Denon siblings, sound great out of vintage speaker amps...............
  2. Ragnar-BY
    Thank you for suggestion, but I don`t feel comfortable with such experiment. I don`t have any vintage speaker amp in my possession. And there are at least two problems with this solution. A "first watt problem" and a chance to accidentally burn $1000+ headphones.
  3. Zojokkeli
    I had a Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 which was just plain crazy good pairing with TH900s. Very aggressive and energetic sound.
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  4. up late
    i can recommend the questyle cma600i for similar reasons. both the bakoon and questyle utilise current amplification so maybe that has something to do with it - who knows? the cma400i is cheaper and appears to offer much of what the cma600i does on paper but i've not tried it.
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  5. jmills8
    I have been using four different TH900s on the go in Hong Kong. In a tiny city packed with 8 million people I had no problem wearing the TH900 packed with peopke on trains, buses, taxi and ferrys. People are usually staring at their phones and many have blue tooth earphones in their ears.
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  6. Ragnar-BY
    It`s quite expensive. I would not say it`s an no go price, but definitely tough decision. I found the only online store in Australia and the price range is $1,5k - $2,5k depending on options. Do you know what options are really useful, what are not?

    Thank you. I`ve never heard about it before. It`s your main amp for Fostex? Did you make any comparsions with other amps?
  7. up late
    i don't own the cma600i but am considering it mainly as a solid state option for the utopia. i tried it with the utopia the other day actually but not with the th900. i did try it some time ago with the th900 tho. i haven't compared it directly with other amps. it's a dac/amp/pre-amp combo. its presentation is highly detailed, "transparent", spacious and fast - perhaps too much so for the utopia as it seemed to turbo charge it in a way that the burson conductor v2+ didn't when i tried it at another store a short time later.
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  8. Zojokkeli
    I had the fully tricked out version, but I don't know how much the options really affect the sound. The amp was very powerful though, on low gain I couldn't turn the volume pot beyond 1,5-2 (on the amp's scale) without it getting too loud. Otherwise it was phenomenal amp, but in the end I couldn't justify owning so expensive audio gear and ended up selling it.
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  9. DamageInc77
    My right-side driver in my TH900 MK2 just failed after 7 months of use. Let's hope Thomann can take care of this.
  10. Jonathan Lerner
    I was wondering if the ak70 mk2 would be a good pairing with the th900
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  11. jmills8
  12. Jonathan Lerner
    Can you elaborate on why?
  13. Jonathan Lerner
    What do you think would be a better option?
  14. jmills8
    Ifi BL and connect it to a phone or a dap. Just a dap wont allow the th900 reach its full potential.
  15. CongoFather
    I use it with Chord Mojo & Ifi Micro IDSD Black. IFI Black performs better than Mojo with TH900. I have recently bought Cayin N5ii. I liked it with TH900 especially in mid-range. But it performs better if it is used as a transport for IFI Black.

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