Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. GU1DO
    man you have to get a better amp for your 900 , it deserve better ,,
    i got the amp today ,, mediocre performance , and the design is unpractical
    i don't know where is my head expecting something great from a 50$ amp
    but anyway thanks for the effort ..
  2. BenF
    There are two possibilities (50/50 chance):
    1) We have different tastes
    2) You got a bad one - QC is an issue for such cheap amps.
    I had to return my second one, because it stopped working 5 minutes after being turned on.
    The third one (replacement of the second one) is great - using it now.
    Waiting for my fourth one to arrive...

    Are you using NS-02E with a clear, non-colored DAC? Preferably slightly "cold"-sounding (but not "dull" or "dry")?
  3. GU1DO
    i gave it more time ,, nop its not working with me ,, it lack the quality i am looking for
    it has no separation in sound , no texture in low mids - bass , details is missing ..
    i am using my mojo , my hpa8 preout with very good rca cables ..
  4. BenF
    Are you sure about the bass? It has excellent decay and depth for me.
    Tube amps always smooth out some detail - they are not for critical listening.
    NS-02E doesn't sacrifice too much though - as long as the input is a clear, non-colored, preferably slightly "cold"-sounding (but not "dull" or "dry") DAC.

    Both Mojo and HPA8 add some warmth, so they are not a great match for tube amplifiers - you end up with too much coloration.
    NS-02E sounds great with Oppo HA-2, but nowhere as good with a more colored DAC such as NFB-11.32

    You can try Cayin HA-1A MK2, but may hit the same issue there.

    Anyway, anything may still be disappointing compared with HPA8, which was tuned for TH900:

    Perhaps you have maxed out TH900, and should look elsewhere for a better/different sound.
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  5. Whazzzup
    Hpa8 straight up is good. No amp needed. It digs super low and adds some bite to what are recessed mids. I had to go up to chord TT to find a more appealing dac amp combo. Th900 is quite efficient it doesn’t need amping. I’d do solid state tho imo.
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  6. AudioThief
    Why is it that TH 900 are so incredibly toe tapping? I've been listening to Stax SRS 3100, Audeze LCD 2, HD650 and TH 900s lately. Clearly the TH 900 has some faults, most specifically fatigue inducing and lacking mid presence, but they are uniquely toe tap-inducing. I wonder what quality makes them like this. Its not the bass - D5000 has more bass but are not as toe tapping. I don't think its the bright highs or soundstage... but maybe some combination? Your thoughts? Just all songs become bouncing and fun with these.
  7. up late
    it reminds me of the grado ps1000 in that way - a lively, dynamic and engaging presentation
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  8. GU1DO
    I am getting very very nice results using chord Mojo as a dac with Fostex HPA8 after using audioquest - sydney RCA cable ,
    so i upgraded to Hugo 2 last week (coming in few days) and i am planing to use it with chord signature tuned aray RCA cable,
    HPA8 amp part is very very good but the dac is not that great after trying Chord dacs with proper RCA cable,
    Hugo 2 TT is in my which list if it get released in the future :)
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  9. GU1DO
    to me the TH900 have no faults at all ,, its just record picky :)
    but to answer your question i think the imaging is the secret , it give very precise imaging that feels realistic and true to the record, this is way it is enjoyable and musical headphone ..
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  10. donkeywalker
    I’m recently interested in TH900, from what I’ve heard, it is pretty much like a closed DT990 in terms of sound signature?
  11. jdev
    I've had both, and no. The 990 is sibilant af and handles sssss like a snake. Th900 handles highs with more grace. They're in your face but detailed. The 990 also lacked quantity in the lows.
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  12. Ragnar-BY
    No. To me DT990 sound dry, have thin vocal and sharp piercing highs. In general, I think TH-900 have more universal and safe sound signature than DT990`s.
  13. -Darkstar-
    I have both and the 900 is more of a U shape than V. The mids are more forward and present than the 990.
  14. kuutan
    Impression on traveling on the train to work a with the TH900.

    I did this a few times in the train. I never knew how big they actually look on my head lol :L3000:. In a sea of earbuds and occasional beats / vmoda, the TH900 stands out. I never felt more paranoid that someone will jump me for my cans haha. Luckily the average joe probably doesn't know what these are.

    Initially I did it with my fostex hp-v1, sony pha-2 and Ipod Classic but it was too bulky to fit in my coat pocket. Also my 5ft black dragon cable was no bueno. Then I switched over to just my ipod and sony dac/amp with a generic 4 ft cable. That was more manageable but I miss that tube sound.

    I run with Dekoni THX00 pads, and in this cold weather they also serve really well as ear warmers! I'm sure some folks thought it was ear warmers since they're huge.

    As expected from semi-closed cans, I can hear sound around me, but that's a good thing because I don't want to miss my stop or if I need to move over for someone. I don't play loud so not sure how noticeable my music is.

    Anyways, just useless impression on commuting with the TH900 if anyone was curious. :darthsmile: Have a good rest of the year.
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  15. Ragnar-BY
    Amplification advise needed. I know I should do more research, but 1045 pages are too much. Give me some ideas, please! :)

    Right now I have Meridian Explorer 2 DAC and a Violectric V200 amp. Both the DAC and the amp have slightly polite and smooth character with rolled off treble. Together all it sounds very comfortable, but too smooth for me. I like Violectric a lot, but want to try something completely different for an experiment. I want to try a quick and transparent amplifier which will drive TH-900 in more forward, crisp and aggressive way. I found that Burson Soloist (the bigger one, not SL) might be a solution. Are there any more suggestions?

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