Fostex TH900 Impressions & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by muppetface, Feb 13, 2012.
  1. jmk720
    Thank you, that's everything that a heard and listen. I just found the th900 i little bit agressive, but i love the bass, i push them with a audio gd nfb 15.1, a tube amp would make this point better? Or some mod?
  2. ctaxxxx
    I've been trying the ZMF headphones, since I've also been looking for a more balanced TH-900 since I sold mine. Both Eikon's and Atticus have great mids and are no doubt an upgrade over the TH-900's. The bass is a separate experience though. Atticus gets you that tight mid-bass slam at the cost of satisfying sub-bass rumble. Eikon is opposite in that it has satisfying sub-bass rumble, but not as much mid-bass impact as the Atticus.

    From the impressions I've been reading of the upcoming ZMF Auteur, it seems it will have both impact and rumble, but with less quantity in overall bass.

    Another headphone I've been looking at is the Klipsch HP-3, but not much helpful impressions there...
  3. zolkis
    I guess you are referring to the treble issue; yes, that IMHO needs mods rather than an amp change, although there are big differences between sources and amps in this regard. I don't know the NFB 15.1, but a smooth amp (not necessarily tube) is definitely recommended. You'd need to figure out whether you hear the same/similar aggressiveness with different sources and amps; if yes, and you cannot find an acceptable synergy, then you could do some mods (there are 2 mods threads to check), but I'd recommend upgrading.
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  4. Mkoll
    Hi Zolkis,

    Which mods do you use yourself?
  5. up late
    @jmk720 - it's been said here many times that the th900 responds well to a little eq. worth considering as an alternative to physically modding it.
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  6. jmk720
    I dont think that i will mod, iam really close to perfection to my ears, maybe eq would be better.
  7. jmills8
    I heard three different ZMFs and its totl does sound good. In many ways it sounds pretty similar to the th900 but the hp is so heavy.
  8. zolkis
    Read it up here. In addition, I've been up late and have done some mods on the D7200 too and they converge with the ones worth doing on the TH900.

    But according to earlier agreement in this thread, let's please discuss mods in the mods threads and keep this one for the stock TH900.
    I would like to note that when I post opinions that include my TH900, in order to provide context I must say my modded TH900, since that's what it is, and sounds different (IMHO better) than the stock one, which is no slouch either. I do not intend to say "modded TH900" for advertising mods, and I do not make mods for others.

    Also, it is right to say that first please try to EQ, especially if you don't have a truly high end rig and don't listen to natural instrument recordings too often. IMHO mods sound cleaner, but indeed the TH900 responds well to EQ and it's so much more convenient than mods - plus, with a lot of kinds of music, there is not that much smearing due to EQ.
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  9. jdev
    I wanna re-terminate the stock cable to balanced, because I'm a cheap ass. There's a thick and a thin pin on each connector for the TH900MK2. Does anyone know which one is + and - ?

    The two - wires don't merge at the Y for some stupid reason do they? They discretely run the length of the cable and both terminate at the sleeve, right?

    edit: nevermind I'm dumb I'll just use the ohm meter before I cut the cable.
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  10. bflat
    It is opposite of HD6xx wiring, therefore the thicker pin is (+) and thinner pin is (-). You may want to save 12 inches cable or so from the 6.3mm connector so that you can wire a female XLR connector on the opposite end. This will give you a matching SE adapter if you ever need.
  11. dreambass
    Got some th-900 mk2 in the post. They had better arrive quickly. It's been four years from first listening to them ha. It's a sweet touch that headphone stand too forget that was included .
  12. jdev
    Worked out EXCELLENTLY! At first I had a lot of trouble with the solder, abandoned it and ordered a Silver Dragon from Moon Audio. Then while I was waiting for it to arrive, I thought maybe it was because of the cheap $4 iron I was using and got a higher watt one. Soldering was so easy after that. So I geared it all up and looked up where the wires go in my amp manual, good to go. I still had that Silver Dragon coming tho and was like "ok, I wanna upgrade to silver one day anyway; this is still cool, and it'll be a professional solder job." It arrived, I used my continuity tester on it, and they had the polarity reversed! I'd advise anyone who bought a cable from them (or any cable manufacturer) to test the pins and make sure it's not wired up to be a Sennheiser cable, because stupid stock boys just look at the connectors and go "derp this looks like the one."
  13. montanari
    I know people saying th900 soundbetter with polarity reversed!!
  14. zolkis
    Hmm, interesting. I can try and measure it that way.
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  15. montanari
    Let me know

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