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Fostex TH610 - Capsule Materials Question

  1. i-am-iron-man
    Hi all, I'd like to buy some of the material Fostex has used on the back of the TH610 capsule. Does anyone know what it is and where I could buy some?

    I've made my own wooden driver mount fit a Fostex TH design. Fostex use an "acoustic optimiser" where there are breathable holes around the driver so sound can be vented into a separate chamber. I've experimented with filter paper and 1mm felt to cover the holes and I'd like to find something in-between: the felt produces too much bass but the paper is too much in the other direction (although it does sound better).

    Looks like Fostex are using open-cell foam to cover the 610 vents but I wouldn't know where to buy it this thin.

    It looks like this! - https://www.innerfidelity.com/images/Fostex_Variants_Disassembly_Photo_TH610_Capsule.jpg

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