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Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones

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    And that was the moment cCasper TFG remembered he was in a Fostex thread. He quickly excused himself back to his mid-fi slums..
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  2. KBerube80
    Would someone be so kind to point me in the direction of a D7000 v. TH600 comparison?
    Thanks in advance!
  3. grizzlybeast
    google worked fine for me buddy[​IMG][​IMG]
  4. KBerube80
    Yeah, sorry.  I already read that.  I am looking for more opinions or experiences from members here as well. 
    I'm trying to figure out if I should sell my D7000 and purchase the TH600 or, if feasible, try and get the TH900.  The D7000 are my favorite headphones that I have ever owned but if I can do better, with the same "house sound", why not go for it?  Just trying to figure out if it's worthwhile.
  5. goldenSHK
    Having heard both the Denon D7000, TH600, and TH900 I think it's only worth the hassle of going through the looking, buying, selling, and waiting game if you're going to go up from the D7000 to the TH900. The TH600 is slightly better than the D7000 almost across the board, but if you have the means and want a real upgrade, just go full force unless you like how the TH600 looks or some other non-sound factor. 
  6. Greed
    I agree with this. Although I will add that if the hot treble on the D7K bothers you, opt for the TH-600. They are much better in that regard. They also have a more balanced bass response. Other than that, they are similar in most other aspects with small, but noticeable improvements. 
  7. Vespertine
    So I put the Colorfly in my back pocket of my jeans, the loop of cable of in my front pocket, and then have the cable coming up from my front pocket. Admittedly I do have to take the C4 out of my back pocket when I sit down, however that thing is the really cumbersome item in this "portable" set up. Yet I am fine on trains planes and .... well just trains and planes actually .... well a couple of trains and loads of planes ...
    I do totally understand that some cans can look really ridiculous, see my comments about my 7100's, I would never wear them out in public, they look like they have been designed by the same people that design those teeth braces that you only wear at night, massive Frankenstein'esque contraptions that look as far from cool as it can get. They make your head look like Norman Foster has had a crack at it, and F'ed up.
    The Th600's, yes they are quite big, and maybe I do look like a prick walking around with them, but no more so than someone with some neon pink Beats.
    Besides, I was at Schipol and was standing on one of its many moving walkways and coming towards me on the opposing side was a dude with a pair on too. We did that thing that VW Beetle owners do when they see another one on the road, we didn't have horns to honk, so a smile and a nod of recognition it was.
    I am sure warrenpchi would be most disappointed that I didn't throw the HeadFi gang sign :)
    For me, there is another dimension to having hi end stuff on the go. It is of course the same with all music on the go, kind of, I find though that with hi end kit and the SQ that comes with it just makes the cocoon that one walks around in even more special. Everything might be grey and dreary, people might be rushing to work, all kinds of madness can be going on around you, you might have just bumped onto the runway in Bogota, but whatever is going on, you have this amazing SQ sound track to all of it. 7100's are an outlier, they are that ugly, aside from them, I don't really care too much for how I look with any cans on. I mean I have the Custom One Pro and those things are certainly deeper than these and don't have as good SQ, no way.
    Yeah these are deffo my travelling companions for a while. However the hunt will never be over, which I think is what I love the most. I can collect headphones and they don't cost that much really in comparison to some of my other hobbies.
    They really satisfy me too, I am lucky in so much as I bought the 7100's as my first pair of non Grado closed back hi end headphones. I thought that they were great and came on here to read about how great they were after buying them. That is not what I read :)
    Then I got really lucky and instead of trawling through masses of reviews and threads, I simply listen to one guy now, who knows my tastes and tells me what to buy, he never gets it wrong, ever.
    He throws gang signs too...
  8. Vespertine
    Sorry mate. I work and have worked my bollocks off for every penny of it, didn't mean to come over as giving it the big one, I am no "silver spooner".
  9. Vespertine
    OK, I see talk of angled pads and these already having slightly angled pads. Here is the thing, when I took mine out of the box, the pads were angled different ways. It is just a question of spinning them .... ummmm .... which way are they supposed to be? Thick bit front or thin bit front ... hahaha...
  10. Oregonian

    Spin them, thick in the back. 
  11. Vespertine
    Much more comfy :)
  12. chintimin
    The TH600 is the denon AH-d7000, almost identically. Got the d7000 a few feet away from me. The differences are there, but barely perceptible - if someone fooled you into thinking you had one or the other on, it'd come down to changes in the earpads, and if those were the same? eh.
    Really? The Aluminum cups don't make much difference in sound compared to the D7000's wood cups? I wonder if the volume inside the cups are the same or not. Does anyone know?
  14. moriez
    Just for reference, happy and relieved to say that my ears are no way touching the TH-600 drivers where the X1 did. One step closer to a keeper.
    First impressions vs D5000 with some electronic music: very similar sounding. Yes, I do hear a difference which I would describe as the Denon being a bit more laid back (not as tight in the punchy area) and slightly less detailed. This only started to be obvious when playing more complex music. Cool stuff! For now the softer Denon pads have my preference. The Fostex's are a bit harder but not uncomfortable.
  15. Greed
    The differences are there, give it time. Overall they are similar sounding (same designer, drivers, etc.).
    Edit: Referring to the D7K (2012 Version)
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