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Fostex TE100 mint, Europe

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ZGLISZCZ, May 5, 2019.
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    Hi, Im selling my Fostex TE100 in mint condition. There is no sign of use, they were always well treated and kept in case. Not much use as I got them for work and traveling, and at the end most of the week I work from home and I prefer on ear headphones. Earphones can be collected in Dublin, Ireland or send to EU/UK countries with Paypal. I no longer have warranty for them.

    I don't have much feedback here and I'm no longer active on head-fi but I can create ebay sale, probably I will anyway at some point. Any questions or requests for additional photos, please let me know.

    So how do they sound? They sound expensive:D You can read some impression here in TE100 thread, or on threads dedicated for FitEar (they made them for Fostex). Its worth reading tech specs as FitEar used some interesting and unusual design ideas. Im terrible in writing impressions on sound, I hate reading reviews that sound like scribble the unfulfilled poets and I probably use terms in wrong way. From my side I would say they sound liquid, fast, warm and effortless. Lot of detail, nice warm and precise bass and no ear piercing highs. Its type of sound you love from first tone and appreciate more with time, no brain burn in needed, no lacks of something, no bumps or peaks no valleys, no regretting and feeling unsure about something, ity sound right and natural. They remind me Final Sonorous for some reason although TE100 are well balanced. Bass is precise, deep and has lot of detail but its not type of stiff bass from Etymotic, it sound like high quality speaker, its well controlled but has rumble and dynamic. Mids and highs are liquid, precise and detailed, but in the same time there is nothing shouty or overly bright for fake extra details that would make you lose enjoyment. Those earphones sound great with everything, I also have Etymotic ER3XR and although I have respect to them they can be punishment for ears in high frequencies. I saw measurements of both of them and they are pretty similar, both flat and following Harman curve, but Ety's can be ear piercing and even Kate Bush that I love to listen can be annoying and shouty as hell. TE100 never sounded wrong, they sound great or greater, Ety's sound like "So you think its well produced? Hold my beer...". I used Etys for music production on the go, and I will keep them as tool but I'm tired of them proving me that 80% of what Im listening have some kind of mastering flaw. I always preferred over ear headphones but when I bought TE100 they just sounded best from all headphones I tried in shop including over ears. I actually came for over ears, I ended up with ridiculously expensive iem's, empty wallet and thoughs that no one will ever know how much I payed for those babies... As I listen mostly at home I will try again with TOTL over ears. Probably Audeze 4z as I'm sensitive to shouty highs and I like that company. Just to make it clear, those headphones does not sound dull or closed, even though they are completely sealed (not even bass port there), highs are present, precise and extended, they are just not shouty and sibilant like many headphones do for artificial increasing perceived details.

    EOS_4208.JPG EOS_4210.JPG EOS_4217.JPG EOS_4223.JPG EOS_4225.JPG EOS_4228.JPG EOS_4230.JPG EOS_4233.JPG EOS_4234.JPG EOS_4235.JPG EOS_4236.JPG EOS_4238.JPG EOS_4252.JPG EOS_4256.JPG EOS_4257.JPG EOS_4260.JPG
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
    Bump, price negotiable
    bump, price reduced and negotiable
    bump, price reduced and negotiable
    bump and price reduced
    Bump and price reduced. Now its basically half for mint item,
  8. LuciusB
    Bump. Still for sale

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