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Fostex T60RP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Sopp, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. theclamps
    Just tried this out with a Magni 3 on high gain. I could get the volume knob to about 3:00 before it got too loud for my ears. I didn't hear any rattling so I think I am good.

    Thanks for showing me that link!
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  2. kintsaki
    If it sounds good no need to run any tests
    Some of these tests especially the 40 Hz are not good and are definitely not
    recommended for orthodynamics they may damage your amp and the headphones.
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  3. kintsaki
    you can't compare dynamic and orthodynamic headphones
    The T60 is the best orthodynamic headphone.
    If you tell us what kind of music you like and what equipment you have we may be able to
    tell you what to avoid and whether the T60 will work to your liking.
  4. core3m

    Thank you. I'm testing th610 now. Very good headphones, but for me they have too much V signature. Bass is hitting to hard sometimes & treble can be little piercing.
    I'm searching something more musical. More engaging. Not as bright like TH610.
  5. Kramertc
    New owner checking in. I've had mine for a little over a week. No rattling, no squeaks. The synthetic leather pads are very noisy with any slight movement, but after a few hours of use that noise has gone down.

    Got mine from Amazon. Serial # A0899.
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  6. kintsaki
    Congrats you just bought the best driver that money can buy.
    for details on making it the best system that money can buy pm me with
    your ear's height and width, software player and DSP;s, hardware source, and amplifier.
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  7. Kramertc
    Thank you. PM sent. You are welcome to post your advice here so that others can benefit.
  8. louderup
    I meant to return these to Amazon due to the widespread bass rattle issues, but missed the return window. Now I'm stuck with them, which may actually be a blessing. I do have the bass rattle from ~30hz to ~120hz, but only notice it in the test, not in regular use (not even in Jamie xx's 'Loud Places' which always exposes obvious bass rattle for me). Fortunately I have no yoke/ball bearing noise.

    Anyway, I say it may be a blessing because if I can get Fostex USA to repair the bass rattle, they have an excellent sound. Pretty unique compared to the other headphones I most often use (Elegia, HD650) and resolution that punches above its weight.
  9. SHAMuuu
    I hope to see a dual cable t60rp for inspiration. I chose the500rp for its cups (for future open back th610 or th-x00) over the t60 wood, but was a tough choice. No bass rattle issues, and good balance (checked with mono tracks).

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  10. Artyouth
    Don't know what happened. The T60 retail price at Hong Kong just dropped to 180US...... (T50 MK3 stay on 155)
  11. ScubaMan2017
    Hi there! @Sopp ... thanks for starting this thread, eh.
    Question for "the thread": at the end of the month, I'll have a bit of extra beer money to spend... on a 3rd pair of headphones. I'll dig around on this thread; however, it seems that the Modhouse Audio Argon Mark 3 (their modified T60RP) could be an interesting purchase. Ryan @ Modhouse readily answered my questions. Modhouse does ship to Canada. Modhouse WILL honor warranty work outside the USA.

    Q1. Have Modhouse customers been satisfied with their purchases?
    Q2. Is the audio cable connection to the left-headphone as unreliable as Tyll at Innerfidelity reported on (back in 2015)? Is it still a weak point... and has Modhouse figured out a fix?

    I already have 2 workhorse headphones -- one closed back AND one open back. I'm intrigued by the planar magnetic driver concept. And the Argon Mk3s definitely look different!

    HiFiMan Sundara's are overpriced here in Ontario (and I keep hearing issues about their hit-or-miss build quality & QC). So that's a no-go. I'm willing to wait 8-9 weeks for delivery... and give my business to a small company... as long as Modhouse is legitimate. Any buyer remorse out there?

    If you'd rather not comment on a public forum, please PM me. Thanks! :ksc75smile:
  12. natto lover
    The intermittent cable connection is still there with the OEM orange cable. Also some bass rattle if you run a tone generator but didn't notice it during regular listening. That plagues all of fostex's t40/50/60 models but it varies unit to unit
  13. ScubaMan2017
    Thanks for the observations, @natto lover . I'll temper my expectations of the Fostex. Base rattle... I've seen that phrase used on earlier posts. Cable failure due to flexing.... The cable connection issue seems to be a chronic issue that plagues headphones. Even my beloved Sennheiser HD650 clones (from Massdrop) shorted out where the cable enters the jack (and that led to some warranty work [and led to me using an L-adapter to allow the cable to loosely dangle perpendicular to the amp]). I had a hell of a time with a pair of 4MU (?) wired headphones from PSB Sound (cracking headbands, drivers shorting out, multiple [waranty'ed] cable replacements). I had to abandon that pair, and assume I received a lemon. :triportsad:

    I guess I have to consider headphone cables 'consumables'... and re-learn how to solder wires! Sheesh. :ksc75smile:
  14. kintsaki
    None of the cable connection problems and rattling bass noises has ever been observed in any of my 7 units of various T2/4/5/6 RP's
  15. Suppa92
    What kind of a amp needed to drive t60rps?
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