Fostex T60RP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Sopp, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. Nickapalooza86
    Focal Clear is a Dynamic headphone fyi. I'm really interested in this Fostex as well!
  2. axtran
    Does Fostex usually have a showing at CES? It’s right around the corner... maybe a T60RP sighting and review is in order!

    Amazon JP says that mine should arrive soon...
  3. axtran

    The T60RP has arrived! The cups are slightly imperfect, as they look unfinished. Definitely an opportunity to stain these! The earphone pads are a leather material, and there's a headband strap along with a very nice rendition of the Tx0RP MK3 headband (small embossed Fostex logo instead of the huge white logo).

    The 3.5mm connector does not face out but down instead.

    Stay tuned for sound impressions! I'm scared to use these since I'm irrational and love how well they look and are built...

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  4. gr8soundz
    Look forward to your impressions.

    Tempted to order them from Japan as well but trying to wait and see if they'll be released here in the States.
  5. axtran
    Note: I don't really know too much audiophile lingo, but wanted to share my experience with everyone as the community has been generally extremely helpful to me within the headphone hobby. Hopefully this helps get to know the T60RP a little bit. I wrote my experience as it relates to the T50RP MK3, as I'm sure most people have heard of/heard the T50RP's in MK2 and MK3 form, and wanted to know if this is a logical next step up. Being an owner of a TH500RP that I dismantled to build a custom TH900 clone, this is the design (the T60RP) that Fostex should stick to if they expect to be using the square drivers!


    So the wood cups make a huge difference over the T50RP MK3. I have T20/T40/T50 in both MK2 and MK3 versions (I'm addicted!) and this is definitely a major upgrade on those. I would say the price is EXTREMELY justified--the drivers also seem to be the same drivers as the MK2/MK3. It's almost as if Fostex keeps up with our RP modding scene, because this is the sound that I personally try to hit when I make my custom headphones using Fostex planar drivers!

    So the treble is very controlled--I wanted to get some quick impressions out there because I know everyone has to be just as curious as I have been. The pad that Fostex created for the T60RP is definitely more shallow than mod pads, like the MrSpeakers Alpha Pads or ZMF's Cowhide and Sheepskin pads. This gives it a similar driver-to-ear distance as I'd say the MK3, however the pads are definitely circumaural with a good amount of room inside for my ears. I'm even a huge-head-er @ US 8.75! I'd say the leather strap is definitely a nice touch, which I didn't expect, given the preview pictures didn't have the leather strap. Comfort gets an easy 10/10!

    Now for the sound and characteristics: I'd say these are easily semi-open. There's some covering inside of the slits on the sides, and I think it's felt. I don't want to disassemble the headphones just yet (I don't want to ruin such a beautiful headphone!). There's definite sound leakage. The driver I think is easily covered in all other reviews for the T60RP's cousins... however I'm just amazed at how the wood cups (specifically African Mahogany) handle music like acoustic guitar (I listen to a lot of Latin music). Sub-bass is lacking, however these are mid-champions. The bass that I've been able to test has been extremely clear and precise. I can enjoy and appreciate the dynamics of percussive instruments as separation is extremely well preserved and noticeable across multiple guitars being easy to separate.

    These headphones are just as sensitive and power hungry as the other Fostex headphones, so be ready to amplify. I'm running it single-ended in my tests directly to my Audio-GD Master 9, and it needed quite a bit of power to get it going appropriately.

    A few example songs and my feedback:

    Del Castillo - Cafe sin Leche:
    It's very pleasant to listen to the guitars in duet. This song is recorded for one ear to feature a guitar and the other to feature another separate one, or percussion. It's extremely clear, fast and precise, and there isn't any sibilance to speak of.

    Cœur de Pirate - Adieu:
    The intro is lovely to hear the snare match to a bass drum, where the sound echo is definitely captured as it moves across the recording studio and reflects back. Beatrice Martin's voice is well preserved against the busy background music. I especially like how open and clear this sounds when compared to my stock T50RP MK3.

    Infected Mushroom - Spitfire:
    I just use Infected Mushroom to test for speed. I know the driver can take it, I wanted to know how everything sounded as the music got "busier," as there's a lot going on these tracks. The soundstage isn't too wide, however I don't see any ill effects of the T60RP's design toward this track.

    Caro Emerald - A Night Like This:
    This is one of my favorite songs to dance to, so I always listen to it from time to time across the headphone collection. I love the Caro's voice, and the vintage piano music. Even xylophone is clearly heard as the T60RP's tuning is a definitely (in my opinion) a result of Fostex watching what the community is doing to their headphones.

    Blues Traveler - Hook:
    This is another classic that I enjoy listening to (that harmonica!). I think it's more just the Fostex driver itself, but the reproduction of the song is always a joy out of these drivers. The harmonica (as it wails) doesn't get to a point where it shrills or sounds sibilant. There's no pierce, it's exactly how I personally want to hear it.

    Billy Joel - She's Got A Way:
    I think this an easy song for most headphones to deal with. the quality of the T60RP definitely makes the performance very intimate as my specific track sounds like it's a personal performance.

    Summary--all in all, I think the T60RP covers what space my ZMF Blackwood had in my collection, albeit at a much "brighter" sound. It doesn't have the same tuning as a ZMF, however there is a clear and present upgrade and benefit of the african mahogany in place. It even smells like a guitar! I really wish that there were more options than just 3.5mm output for the T60RP, as with my equipment I get more power out of my balanced connections.
  6. gr8soundz
    Thanks for those quick impressions @axtran . That was fast; guess you knew we couldn't wait either.....

    I anticipated they might sound like a very well modded mk3 and your thoughts seem to reflect that. Never heard the Thunderpants mod but thought the wood cups could be Fostex's attempt to mimic those. The leather headband and thicker pads appear to be universally accepted mods too.

    Glad I waited before modding my T50rp mk3. Was just about to order pads when T60rp became known but figured those funds might be better spent towards that. Still waiting on a reply from Fostex about a U.S. version before ordering though.

    There are several balanced cables available too including 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and XLR:

    I'm guessing that, like my Oppo PM-3, any dual 3.5mm 4-pole (TRRS) cable can work for balanced 3.5mm as well.
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  7. axtran
    Awesome! I think I want the 2.5mm balanced cable, since I have a 2.5mm to 4-pin XLR conveter. I hope the wiring is the same as what would go into a Pioneer XDP300R...

    I have a custom Fostex mod--fully made of Gabon Ebony thanks to the artisan hands of @fleasbaby . The square drivers sounded good--however I went to the "vintage" Fostex rounded drivers. It's a completely different sound than the T60RP in either rendition.
  8. leeperry
    Figures, apparently the lack of diaphragm tension is at fault. I was told by a major ortho-head that this square driver cuts corners in order to drop manufacturing costs.
  9. antdroid
    Thanks for the update and post on reddit. I just sold my modded T50RP Mk3 a couple weeks ago so could be just in time for these. I kind of regret selling them because I dont think I got great value (ebay) but oh well. I look forward to seeing these in US stores. I wonder if Guitar Center will carry them since they have carried the other Fostex T50/T40/T20 lines. The wood cups look nice! I'm a little surprised they kept the same external appearance as the T50 plastic cups. I'm also glad they went with an extra headband. That was my favorite "mod" to my old T50RP. I still have another pair in the garage in a bunch of pieces that I may get back to working on at some point, but I'm semi-itching to see how these are.

    Have you listened to the EL-8? I'd be interested in a comparison between the two. It's a completely different price range but they are easily found for around the MSRP price of the T60RP now.
  10. axtran
    Nope, after the LCD-2 and how it hurt my head, I didn't care to try anything else from Audeze. I did compare the T60RP to my Alpha Prime, but that's in a completely different league. It did end up in me keeping the Alpha Prime in rotation, though...
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  11. George Taylor
    Well, right now they're available on Amazon US, $416. Assuming shipped from Japan, so who knows how much more that'll add to it. I'd love to get them, but not that badly. I'll just wait a while, eventually I'm sure they'll be more affordable.
  12. gr8soundz
    Yeah, they've been listed that way for a couple weeks but also possible to order them direct from Amazon Japan for a lot less. I've ordered multiple headphones from Japan in recent years but, given the choice, I'd rather have a full U.S. warranty (assuming Fostex officially releases them here). Probably would've ordered by now if not for the new portable amp I got last week. Plus I'm still waiting to read more impressions of the T60rp vs the stock T50rp mk3 that I still use regularly.
  13. George Taylor
    Ok, I assumed the few that have them were outside the US and got them from Japan. I don't have the T50's, but do have and love the T40's. So I too am very curious how they compare to the base lineup. That and I'm a sucker for wood cans.
  14. axtran
    There's a program called AmazonGlobal that Amazon JP leverages in order for people to buy sold by Amazon JP items here in the US. For reference, I'm in Washington D.C. :)
  15. George Taylor
    10 minutes of trying with that got me nowhere. Except looped back around to the same price I already mentioned above for said headphones. If you feel generous could you message me a link or something, because otherwise I'm just going to give up for now.
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