Fostex T60RP

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Sopp, Aug 12, 2017.
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  1. gr8soundz
    Too bad Fostex can't find a way to make the bass user adjustable. Perhaps with a closeable bass port somewhere on the headphone. I think that's been done before on a wood enclosure but not sure how it would look (or how feasible it'd be) on the T60rp.

    I definitely wish my T50rp mk3 had more low end. Even thought about getting a T20rp just for that even though it's sub-bass still appears to be rolled-off.
  2. Allanmarcus
    That's what EQ or the Schiit Loki is for. Bump up the bass a little, lower the master volume in the EQ to avoid clipping, and bob's your uncle.
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  3. gr8soundz
    Except I can't take a Loki with me and would rather have the right amount of bass tuned into the headphone itself. Still hoping the T60rp at least has a more flat low-end response than the mk3.
  4. Beagle
  5. Beagle
    Yeah, getting tired of headphones that only exist in pictures and words.
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  6. FastAndClean
    Good for you
  7. gr8soundz
    I think most who dislike the Z7's sound haven't heard them with a pure-silver cable. They're problematic (at best) with the garbage stock cables. Custom cabling normally doesn't make such a dramatic transformation and shouldn't be a requirement for already expensive headphones but that's the Z7.

    I still (slightly) prefer the T50rp mk3's sound over the Z7 but the Fostex can't compare to the Sony's comfort, bass prescence, and build quality.
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  8. Beagle
  9. Amouage
    Im still kind of annoyed there hasn't been much of an update from Fostex about these. It seems like they were revealed awhile back and not much has been said since.
  10. leeperry
    Well, they managed to get rid of all MK2 inventory via massderp, now they wanna keep milking the X00 cow for a little while and later on they'll come up with 60RP. All in good time :)
  11. Amouage
    Yeah I guess, There was alot of hype for the T50RP once the mods started, the thing im most curious about is if the sound coming from these makes the modders start up again and we could have a bunch of T60RP mods.
  12. leeperry
    And the hype didn't help at all coz a $75 phone suddenly went $150 and I'm also confused why they kept that rectangular cup shape on 60RP with wood but then again hopefully the inside isn't square.
  13. Pharmaboy
    This is an awesomely cynical comment (Massdrop as techno dumping ground). Still, it makes perfect sense to me...
  14. Amouage
    It seems alot of people dont like the look of the T60RP, I really like it personally.
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  15. leeperry
    look is ok but rectangular shape is the worst for innner cup reflections, way too many sharp angles.
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