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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. antdroid
    Here's some photos of the pads:
    Cosmos K240 Velvet pads
    My stock pads with my foam insert I made.
    The foam tucked under the stock pad
    Shure 840 | Stock | Cosmos Velvet
    Shure 840 pad
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  2. IBJamon
    On the 940 pads I got, the screen in front of the driver was pretty thick, even thicker than the stock pads, and not see through.  The 840 pads I have is thinner than the stock pads, and easy to see through.  Given that we are all mostly buying cheap clones, it's possible that the 840 set you got has the thicker lining similar to the 940 ones I had before I did exactly that - cut them out.  If that's the case, I would definitely consider doing that.  On the ones I had, there were two layers, a thicker and thinner one.  I was able to cut out the thicker layer by itself, but being the goofy 'can't ever get enough' person I am, I ended cutting the whole thing out.  It's probably best with just the thin layer if you can pull it off.
    I ordered a second pair of Cosmos pads for another set of headphones (hey, they're cheap!) and what surprised me is that the foam inserts are much bigger than my original pair.  My original set is about 3/4" smaller in diameter than the new ones.  I haven't compared them yet, but that sure surprised me!
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  3. antdroid
    Wow that's really weird. These look like they are OEM Shure pads (sold directly by Amazon with Shure packaging). But yea, the foam liner on my 840 pads looks like it could be two layers. The ear side has a different texture than the driver side. It'd be nice to cut out the driver side only. I may go try that today.
    I did search through and saw that you did that cut job several months ago. 
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  4. IBJamon
    Yes, I did - good job finding my posts.  :)  I think that my 940 pads were likely Shure, and my 840s were clone specials.  Makes sense to me, and definitely something I would do in your case.  Just be aware that it's irreversible.  :wink:
  5. IBJamon
    You know what's really weird?  My older Cosmos are way less 'plump' than the new ones I just got!  I wonder if they are production variations or break in...
    If it's the latter, I think you'll find them to get better with age.  :wink:
    Another difference I already mentioned is that my older Cosmos come with smaller pad cover disks.  Not sure what to make of that.
    Maybe abusing them in some way (washing them?) will help?
  6. antdroid
    Oh what? Thanks for telling me that now!
    Just did this mod. It is great! I am happy again. The treble and mids arent recessed and bass isn't muddy anymore. This was pretty simple to do. I rolled back the outer liner and just made a tiny incision around the back of the pad and then peel it up from any spot and pull it out. The foam pad is glued on but it comes off without much effort. I came back and used a lint roller to catch any random debris left behind. 
    Unfortunately in the process, one of my pads white stitch thread came undone. (thinking of the Sweater song right now...) But I was still able to put the pad on. It's just not as springy as before.
    Anyway, thanks for the recommendations past and present. :)
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  7. IBJamon
    I'm really glad that it helped you!  Enjoy!
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  8. IBJamon
    I may have figured this out.  My first pair was sold to me by Cosmos direct, while my second pair were sold by 'True-Heading'.  I do wonder if that explains the differences I notice between the two.
    Since I received two pairs in just over a month, I wouldn't expect them to change that much!  But who knows.
  9. Primus2112
    Hmm, I may hand wash them to see if they get less plump! Great suggestion. Btw I just reverted to the stock pads. I like them too and since I have the Mr speakers leather band it helps with comfort. Still haven't rec'd the 1840 padsin the mail. :) The Cosmos are just too plumpy and make me look more goofy than usual wearing them... Though that is really a nonissue. Lol
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  10. antdroid
    Just a random tidbit. I tried using these headphones plugged in to my Creative SoundBlaster E1 external soundcard/DAC/Headphone Amp, and its pretty awful. The E1 can't power these at all. The music has static, it's quiet, and has absolutely no life to it at all. I was pretty sure it wasn't going to work, but since I use these on my work laptop (mostly for ground noise issues), I thought I'd try it out for fun.
    I am strongly considering getting the Shure 1540 pads. The Shure 840s are solid but I can't wear it for more than an hour at a time because it gets a bit warm, at least right now in the middle of summer.
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  11. vcmusik
    Just received my pair of Omni Pads from ZMF. Man, these things are so comfy, I could practically fall asleep with them on. I have a rather large head so the stock pads felt as if they were crushing my skull after half an hour. 
    As for the change in sound, it's definitely made my T50RP MK3 somewhat darker, presumably just by nature of the drivers being further away from the ear than the stock pads. There's a nice bump in sub-bass and mid-bass, not much notable change in mids, and the otherwise energized treble seems a bit tamed. Soundstage is also a touch wider and less intimate. 
    Now that I think of it, I probably should've asked what the differences were between the Omni and Oval pads were before purchasing. I have a TH-X00 Purpleheart from Massdrop arriving soon so I might switch the Omni over and look for another option for the T50RP, maybe something thinner, but overall, I think it's a good choice for those of you that specifically want a wider soundstage and a darker character. 
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  12. OSiRiSsk
    Hey folks,
    two questions:
    1) is there any comparison of T50 vs T40 vs T20 in this thread? Can somebody post a link?
    2) What are the possible options for replacement earpads , can somebody summarize that for me? I know this has been probably discussed before, but it's hard to find it at once place, since this thread is already so long. I know all are recommending Shure1540 pads, but these are very expensive, and also impossible to buy in Europe. Same goes with ZMF pads - can't buy them in Europe, and importing from USA would mean additional shipping and custom fees... What about BrainWavz, or Shure 940? Are these viable options too?
  13. Pahani
    Yup, I just received the Omni pads as well, with plans to put them on my Purplehearts :) Along with the Lawton Tune-Up kit.
    My Mk3's are still completely stock, and I guess likely to stay that way.
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  14. vcmusik
    Nice! I'm also thinking about a Lawton kit for my Purpleheart. I plan to wait and hear the stock sound before I jump on that. 
    I've been thinking of getting a Mayflower mod kit for my MK3s, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Anyone recently have that done that can chime in on whether or not it's a noticeable improvement? My biggest concern is that the amount of materials I apply might be slightly uneven, causing channel imbalance. 
  15. antdroid
    Well I decided to give my cans a cleaning and a new coat.
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