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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. antdroid
    I've been a long time lurker on this forum but picked up the T50RP Mk3 the other day at my local Guitar Center after demoing all of them and the ATH-40X and was pretty instantly sold on these. Man, these sound great! I've been going back and forth between these, my Sennheiser Momentums, and my SHP9500s (among many others...) and these really stand out. They are the most versatile of the three headphones. I do find the pads to be really warm after just a little usage and I'm still deciding which pads I want to replace it with - really leaning to the 1540s since I really like the stock sound.
    I've messed around with stuffing it with a couple things but I am happy with using some foam I used to make a halloween costume years ago that I found. It's just normal craft foam you can find at Target or Walmart or Michaels. I cut a ring and stuffed it in and it raises the pad just a tad but is compressed back in once my ear is in. It gives me a tad more comfort and breathing room, while not jeopardizing the sound at all. The heat issue is still there though! 
    Also have various cables but really do like using the V-Moda angled cable. I also have the boompro but will need to get a 90 degree adapter for it. I have the MrSpeakers comfort band on the way. Can't wait for that!

    Im running it through my MSI laptop which has a ESS Sabre DAC and it sounds great at 70% volume but i also don't listen to music as loud as i used to. Im also able to power these through my HTC 10 at almost full volume and surprisingly my old ipod shuffle and my zen vison m players quite well!
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  2. Primus2112
    Awesome! You are going to love the MrSpeakers leather comfort strap! I love the sound on my Mk3's, but honestly for gaming I like to use my Superlux HD681 Evo or Senheiser HD598se's... I find these have more bass oomph on FPS PC game explosions etc. (though not sure if you are a gamer) But for overall listening I love the feel and sound of the Mk3's. I love the stock pads too. And have some memory foam inserted on the back of the earcups. You may have seen it in this thread a page or two back. Enjoy!
  3. IBJamon
    Hey all!  It's been a long time since I posted, and I just wanted to give a little update.  My preferences are for a more open sound; nicer highs, and less bass than what comes stock, but still well balanced.  So, after trying several pads (and spent a fair amount doing it also!) I found the best combination is also the cheapest:
    T20RP mod (open the vents)
    $8 Cosmos AKG 240 replacement pads
    They sound really great this way!  They have the more open sound, still have good bass (open ports), and the highs brighten right up.  I love them like this!  And, the Cosmos pads are velvet, which is nice and comfy, while not making me itch like the 940 or the HM5 velours did.  (The 840 pads aren't bad, but brought out too much bass, and were sweaty after a while.  I was able to tame the bass with stuffings, but why when this works without guesswork?)
    I saw someone 50 pages back recommend these pads, and I am so glad I listened!
    Also, I do recommend putting the thin foam layer in there that comes with the Cosmos pads.  Without it, they are a tad on the bright/fatiguing side; that foam does just the slightest amount of taming, which is perfect for me.
    I'm very pleased with these headphones as they are now!
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  4. antdroid
    I currently prefer using the SHP9500 for gaming until my K7XX arrives (assuming I'll like it). It's just way more comfortable to wear for a long period of time and I really like the larger soundstage for gaming. 
    But I am using these for some short spurts since I have to use something more closed or with less leakage every once in a while because the girlfriend is not happy with full open cans if shes in the vicinity. haha.
  5. 10kredline
    Did anyone buy the MK3 series during Fostex's recent rebate program and received their $50 rebate yet?
  6. antdroid

    Thanks for this recommendation. I went ahead and ordered both the akg cosmos pads and the shure 840 pads. I needed to add a few extra bucks anyway on my order so I should have them tonight with amazon free same day delivery.
  7. IBJamon
    Very cool!  I look forward to hearing your opinion!  Those were the best two pads I tested, but I am not willing to spend the $40 for the 1540 pads, so those may be better.
  8. Primus2112
    yep!!! Totally agree about the SHiPs, whenever I use them even from a different room my family always tells me to lower my speakers. Lol.
  9. Primus2112
    I have the Cosmos pads and testing them out now on the T50rp Mk3, Below is a photo for comparison of pads. :)
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  10. antdroid
    I guess my opinion will have to wait another couple days. Amazon didn't ship my thing out today and are doing it tomorrow despite it picking free same day. sigh. oh well. I can wait til Saturday to play around with them since I'll be busy tomorrow.
    I don't mind spending $40 if the 1540s were guaranteed greatness, but I went through all of the 93 pages of this thread and the opinions seemed to be very mixed on whether they distorted the original sound or not.
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  11. IBJamon
    What do you mean by distort?  The cosmos definitely change the balance of the sound (less bass, more treble), which in my case, was desired.  Do people suspect that there is some other kind of unpleasantness?
  12. antdroid
    I guess I mean distortion pretty literally - meaning changing the original sound signature. If there's less bass and more treble, I can be content with that. Ideally, more soundstage and the same balance would be awesome. 
    I'm just getting into this headphone modding thing. The most I've ever done before was changing pads on my Grados and putting a layer of felt in my SHPs. I got these headphones in part because it's more easily tweakable than others and I'm a materials engineer and I love to tinker around. :)
    I'm excited to try anything at this point, because I really don't like the original pads too much even after thickening them up a tad bit, so can't wait to get these new pads later today to test. Thanks for the recommendations!
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  13. Primus2112
    So far from the last few days of listening to them with the Cosmos pads... 
    I have noticed the following in order of most noticeable to my ears...
    1. Soundstage seems to have improved.
    2. Comfort is top notch.
    3. Bass is just a touch less and treble is ok.
    4. Drawback is that the pads are way more plump in comparison to the stock pads. But as mentioned very comfortable. I wish they could compress a tad more.
    Overall the fit and comfort reminds me and feels like my Senn HD598se stock pads.  And also a tad in the soundstage. Though the bass on the HD-598 is way better but that is because of the headphones properties and not because of the pads. The Mk3's bass is more subdued as it is even in stock form. 

    I will be getting the Shure generic HPAEC1840 Replacement Velour Ear Pads in a few days and will try those out as well. Hopefully they will be a tad less plump compared to the Cosmos.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/121863945212?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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  14. IBJamon
    I mostly agree with those observations.  I would like it if the pads had a slightly larger opening.  These do the job just fine; as you said, they are very comfortable.  I have very large ears, and would like a slightly larger opening.  But it's really splitting hairs - there's a lot to like.  
    I haven't tried the 1840 pads, but I did try the 940 pads.  I ended up hacking the crap out of them because the lining was so thick that I ended up getting rid of it entirely with a razor blade. But I found that for some unknown reason, I would itch from the velour pads.  I do not itch from the Cosmos velvet.  I don't know if this will translate to the 1840s or not, but it was annoying.  Also, the 940s blocked more of the slot vents, and brought out the bass in a way that I did not like.  I believe this is due to the stitching on the pad ring around the inserted area.  The Cosmos pads do not have this, which also contributes to soundstage most likely.  Just a guess, but it's possible the 1840s could have the same issue.
    But hey - I would be happy to be wrong, and have them be just perfect.  :)  Good luck!
    Edit:  Okay, I just compared them, (the hacked 940s vs. the Cosmos) and they do sound more similar than different.  The 940s do have more bass, and a slightly more recessed midrange as a result.  (Very slight.)  I left the Cosmos pad rings in there, to keep that consistent.  I think I'll stick with the Cosmos for comfort reasons, but both have their benefits.  The hole is slightly larger with the 940s, but just a little bit.
    P.S.  If we could bring out just a bit of the sub bass (<100Hz) without increasing any hump above 100Hz, these would be just about perfect.  Of course, EQ does do that just fine!  :)  (While I'm dreaming, they could have a bit more >10k air like a Grado, but who's counting.)
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  15. antdroid
    I got both the Shure 840 and k240 cosmos velvet pads and just a brief hour spent on both of them this morning, I think I prefer the 840s over the K240s. I actually do like both, but the cosmos do leak quite a bit more and that's not my intent for this pair of headphones. I do like the comfort though. Note that I'm still using T50RP Mk3s with no other mods, so my thoughts won't exactly be the same as using a T20RP. 
    The 240 Cosmos were comfortable and were pretty easy to put on. When I saw them at first, I saw that they were round so that threw me off a bit but they comformed really easily to the oval shaped headphones. I tried them originally with out the inner liner but I didn't really like it. The treble was almost piercing at times and bass felt missing but with slightly improve stage. Putting them back on helped both, but it does feel like there is a small loss in bass and a slight boost in treble as you both described. It's not bad though! I could totally use these everyday and be content and happy.
    The 840s sounded a tad muddier than the stock pads but greatly improved comfort. It still gets a little warm after a bit of use but not nearly as bad as the originals. I felt that the bass was a tad heavier and very small reduction in mids and treble, and that might be due to the thicker foam liner against the driver. I wonder if I could thin that out a bit. I had thought about cutting a hole in it and using the ones that came with the Cosmos, but they look like they are pretty much the same thickness, though the cosmos one is much more permeable and less dense. That could help. Either way though, they still sound pretty solid.
    A small eq tweak could make them both better. I did notice that the previous eq setting I had with stock pads on my computer sound pretty terrible with these new pads.
    I also got the MrSpeakers Leather comfort band. It's GREAT! I highly recommend this 
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