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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. SomeTechNoob
    What pads did you try?
    I had HM5 pleathers and those were quite bad on the mk3.  The 840s I have on them right now sound similar to the stock pads imo, but don't clamp on your ears.
  2. Nick-s-f
  3. frigginloony
    I have these:  Shure HPAEC1540 Replacement Alcantara Ear Pads for SRH1540 Headphones   this is the link on Amazon
    Well rounded sound signature slightly better highs and very comfy.
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  4. skingg
    Do the stock Shure 1540 headphones come with these Alcantara earpads as well?
  5. trellus

    Yes. Have a friend that has the Shure 1540. The Alcantara pads are standard on the 1540. As I recall, they even came with an extra set of the pads.
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  6. marcan
    Sure (i guess it was 840s or 1540) and ZMF lamnskin angled. Both made the midrange too froward for me.
  7. drteming
    Hmm, Amazon got the 50's at $139 just now. Finally ordered a pair. Gonna be interesting to compare it to the unloved TH-500RP (though I love mine).
  8. axtran
    Anyone else going to extreme-mod these into something like the Open Alphas? I've been preparing to modify a Mad Dog 3.1 into the Open Alphas, and yet another custom out of a pair of T40RP MK3's being 100% closed woodies.
    ... I'm an addict.
  9. rikk009
    I am. I am getting wood cups from @Klechty and have already bought some OCC copper wire. Will make my own memory foam-leather pads. 
  10. axtran
    Nice! What's that going to run you for cost of mods?
  11. rikk009
    Maybe $250(major part is the wooden cup) but from the mods I have tried on it yet these are my fav even more than Hd6XX.
  12. musicfan145
    I just got my first set of T50RPs a few weeks ago... And my Open Alpha parts are printing now. Yes, it's quite addictive. 
  13. axtran
    If you check my profile... I pretty much just have a modded T-series Fostex collection. They're _that_ good. I also listen to them more often than my Ether, although the Ether is still the top dog in sound quality. There's just something ultimately fun about the T-series headphones, especially since I also have a huge noggin' and they fit comfortably!
  14. musiclife

    Why not get the Mk3 but the open version? I think its the T20RP
  15. drteming
    Got the T50RP Mk3's today thanks to Amazon's prime shipping.  On first listen, my first thought was "Fudge, I should've never gotten these!"  Compared to my TH-500RP's, the T50RP Mk3's have a much better bass extension.  The mids are a little recessed, and the highs are just a bit better.  I actually prefer the T50RP Mk3 over the TH-500RP.  Thanks goodness I didn't pay that much for the TH-500RP.  I guess it's no surprise that Fostex has discontinued the TH-500RP.  Comfortwise, the TH-500RP's are much better, but I swapped in a pair of the Shure 1540 pads and the T50RP's are really nice.  These headphones are hard to drive.  I rarely have to turn the volume on my Krell KSA5 clone above 1/2 way, and these demands it.  The soundstage is comparable to the TH-500RP, and is a bit narrower that my Sennheiser HD6xx.

    The stock orange cord is cheesy, and it went into my parts drawer right away.  I don't need a long cord for my desktop, so I cut the stock long cord to length, sleeved it with black paracord casing, and put on a 3.5mm plug.


    This way, I keep the locking plug.  The cord sounds pretty good, but I plan to make a new one with Mogami cable and a 90 degree plug.

    I got the Mayflower mod kit coming.  It should boost the mid range, and if that is the case, the TH-500RP's will find a permanent home back in it's box.
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