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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. westwest
    thanks buddy 
  2. westwest
    i read the thread...i see i'm not the only one with the upc problem. i was in contact with a rep, who ask for a copy of my upc but once i email it...i got nothing but silence since then. 
  3. ngoshawk

    I just checked the RapidRebate, after having all but given up...low and behold, it "has been received" and "please allow 8-10 weeks after you claim has been received."

    I sent it in July..:unamused:

    That said, I DO really like the t40rp's...
  4. frigginloony
    Just got mine,  like the others it took 10 weeks.  It definitely made the T50RP mk3 a bargain and was worth the wait. It is a great sounding set of cans but damn, every time I use them half the city goes dark when I try to drive em.
    too bad so sad.... shiver in the dark suckers i got music to listen too   [​IMG]
  5. Amish

    Try to drive them? They don't take that much lol
  6. marcan
    Yep to make them sing you need powa!
  7. frigginloony
    ohhhhhh yes my friend.... they indeedy do. Of the six amps I have - micca  monoprice creative E5, teac 301, schiit magni and violectric HPA90 only the schiit, the teac and the hpa90 will drive them to produce a good full, rich, sound quality. (obviously to my ears.... not everyone)  Even then, only the HPA90 can do it without a real strain on headroom and even that is at max gain. The E5 will drive it but the noise floor seems to triple.  
    I had hopes that an IFI Micro DSD would make these sing and it did exactly that but I kept having problems with the IFI dropping the driver. It happened in every computer i have (3) and  even dropped it on my tablet, so I sent it back. Too bad because I really thought it was a terrific dac/amp feature and sound quality wise. 
    My alpha dogs take a stout amp to drive well also but nowhere near what these take. 
    who knows  maybe the boys over at Massdrop can convince Siemens to put out an amp with a few megawatts per channel and we'd all be swimming in molten drivers.   [​IMG] 
  8. westwest
    hey anyone have a problem with the right side of the headphone where you have to adjust the cord to a certain way in order to have sound coming out the right side of the ear cup? 
  9. SpiderNhan
    Are you using the stock audio cable? If so, get rid of it and try a different cable. The most recommended is the V-MODA audio only cable.

  10. westwest
    thanks for the suggestion. i'll check it out. 
  11. kimikaze
    T50RP MK3 - Modification Guide - Mayflower V1

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  12. Primus2112
    It has been over 16 weeks Lol for me, I just submitted the inquiry on rapidrebates. It did shoe my rebate on file. I will update when I get the check... If ever. Lol
  13. westwest
    Yea...damn rebates sucker us into buying their products. I've lost all hope. You got me this time fostex.
  14. Hunki Chunki
    I really do think the Shure 1540s are the best pads for the T50RP Mk3s
    Super comfortable and most importantly does not affect the sound
  15. marcan
    For me it does affect the sound.
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