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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. Fishops
    They're hidden by the dense foam that surrounds the driver. No need to unscrew anything. Pop off a pad, take out the foam and you'll notice 8 vent slots in the rim of the indentation the driver sits in. Keep in mind, these are only present on the Mk3.
  2. ajherman
    Oh ok, that makes sense.  I guess that's why some mods have pads stretched over that lip.  Thanks for helping me out, I'll start playing around with them!  Without having a measurement setup, is it best to mod one side at a time and compare them or just do both?
  3. walbum4262
    Its difficult to mod just one side and listen to it and judged what's been done as you don't have the stereo sound from both sides that's just my take on it never could do just one side
  4. ajherman

    Yeah I was thinking about listening on mono but I'll just do both, should be less of a pain anyway.  Thanks for your help!
  5. apaar123
    Comparison between t50rp,t40rp and t20rp mk3 anyone please?
  6. SpiderNhan
  7. apaar123
    I listen to classical rock,classical,acoustic,pop and all soft kind of songs and also play games. Which headphones will suit me?
  8. Turhuuksia
    Dt 880 or dt 770 with toiletpaper mod. Def. not t50 unless modded.
  9. ajherman

    What kind of sound signature do you want?(v shaped=lots of bass and highs, or neutral).  Are you willing to spend some time modifying headphones to make them sound better?  Isolation needed?
  10. apaar123
    Neutral and isolation not that much
  11. ajherman
    well the t50 is semi open and the t40 is closed.  of the two the t40 is more neutral
  12. apaar123
    and what abt soundstage?
  13. ajherman

    Usually open headphones have more soundstage than closed.  I have the t40s and coming from audio technica m50x's, these have pretty good soundstage
  14. westwest
    Anyone had trouble getting their rebate for their trp series promotion? I think i got hood-winked for $50 by american music and sound and fostex. Its impossible to get someone over there to resolve this for me.
  15. eeagle
    Please see my previous msgs for contact info.
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