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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. marcan
    The new pads doesn't bother me. The headband was more a problem. There are pads that will give a better comfort but according to my experience it was a sonic drawback that bothers me much more than the discomfort of the original pads that wasn't annoying for me.
    The only problem I had was the headband that was hurting the top of my head.
  2. Amish
    Does anyone use a 4 pin balanced cable with this headphone? Anyone know where I can buy one? [​IMG]
  3. SpiderNhan
    Mr. Speakers headband fixed that right up.
  4. marcan
    Yep as I said before, it's right think to do for the comfort.
    I have the zmf.
  5. Amish
    So I received my Fostex headphones today. They are ok. I'm not terribly impressed. Maybe some burn in will help. I guess I will see. At this price I don't see the point of returning them.
    They will without a doubt require more comfortable pads for one. These are too shallow for me and I have small ass ears. They sound ok but I think I was expecting more. I'll give them some time and see how they work once burned in. Doing a a/b with say my HD600 cans...the HD600 have more low end and I never really considered the HD600 to have much of a low end. The 600's provide a more open sound which I prefer. But like I said I will burn these Fostex's in and see how well the perform later.
    I'm pushing about 2 watts per channel into them now but I don't think they would like more power than that.
    /update: Yeah these aren't good enough for me to keep. I was really looking forward to these but they just don't sound that good. I don't think burning them in is going to change much. They have almost no bass and the bass they do have is in the upper base range. The low end is very shallow though clarity across the freq. range is good but all in all very unimpressive. I packed them back up and will return them. $139 can go towards something else. My HD600's walk all over these. I don't like the idea of a headphone that doesn't have a place in my collection. They fill no gap that I can find.
  6. axtran
    I think you're looking for too much out of these, when you're considering where the entry point is in pricing. These headphones are definitely for the mod-interested type, not an out of box experience unless you're directly looking for a Planar monitor. They are extremely power hungry, by the way... I have to run high gain with my Lyr 2 to get anything decent out of them.
  7. Amish

    I think I agree with you. But reading consumer reviews I had thought these would be much better than they actually are. I mean one guy wrote and I quote: "This is the best $500 audiophile headphone sound you'll ever by "new" for $150" and another guy wrote: "Amazing sound, I believe this is the best sound you can find for less than $500." There are more and more reviews just like this but IMO for under $500 I can do much better than these for sure.
    Now I always take a grain of salt with any review I read but there are so many glowing consumer reviews that I thought, "hmmm there must be something there." But there isn't...to my ears anyway.
    I'd take my old V6's over these any day. As for power I doubt these would handle much more than I can provide. I have multiple amps ranging in power including my maggie that outputs 12 watts per channel. Just running 2.5 watts per channel seemed to be more than I would want for these cans. But Your Lyr 2 puts 4 watts into them so I guess they can handle it. That is besides the point anyways. SQ just isn't what I expect from a headphone but at $139 I imagine they will make anyone happy except maybe those that have higher expectations.
    As for modding, well some in this thread state the MK3 is great out of the box and not in need of modding but yeah I do know how much people love to mod them. With the proper mods maybe these can be brought to the next level. I think I will take my money and put them towards something I know I will enjoy though.
    I've been eye balling these for a long time so at least I got it out of my system and I can move on. [​IMG]
  8. axtran
    Hehe, I totally understand. I use my T40RP MK3 for really just nothing but my gaming computer--a right-angle connector and a V-Moda Boom Pro complete that setup. I guess I don't expect the same quality of sound out of it as I enjoy on my main computer, where the real gear is connected.
  9. HotIce
    How did you measure 2.5W sent to this HP?
    Go here:
    Then input 50 Ohm as impedance, and 92 dB/mW sensitivity, by Fostex specs.
    At about 650mW you get 120dB out of those. Which is P.A.I.N.
    And you are still at almost 1/4th of the 2.5W.
    You just looked at the 3W max input power spec and made up some numbers, didn't you?
    With an E12, at high gain, 12:00 position is about the max I can stand w/out my ears catching fire.
    So, while sound signatures are liked in different ways by different people, depending on taste, your analysis seems to contain some spiced up agenda.
  10. Amish
    I didn't make anything up. I know what my amp outputs at 50 ohm. 2.5 watts. But yeah I see what you mean. These headphones being powered by an amp that can output 2.5 watts, well at 12 o'clock sounded rough. At 9-10 o'clock it sounded clean but at noon I can hear the sound starting to get dirty. I'm not sure how to take your post. I have no reason to 'spice' things up but I have every reason to provide my opinion. No 'agenda' here lol. I wish I could have come to this thread and said..."WOW, for the money these really shine.
    " They don't.
    I have owned the E12. I've sold it too. I think any amp I currently own is of a higher level than that.
    Let's even ignore the wattage of my amps and let me just say I was very disappointed. /end
  11. marcan
    If you want more sub you can mod the vents.
    Inside the earcup between the pads and the driver you have 8 bigs vents. If you close the vents you will increase the bass. For me one is already good or you can partially close all of them.
    On the other side, partially close the cup vent will decrease the mid bass and tighten the bass.
  12. Amish
    Thanks Marcan but I already returned them.
  13. Fishops
    This can't really be overstated. If you're at all displeased with the amount of bass these things kick out, closing the vents with some tape or closed cell foam will drastically increase the extension and volume.
  14. ajherman
    Could you specify where the vents you are talking about are? Is it the space that the lip of the pads slide into? I can't find any vents on my t40rps except for 2 small holes under the 2 pieces of felt by the baffles. Just trying to figure out how to start modding.
  15. ajherman
    sorry still learning how this works
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