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Fostex new RP headphones - T50RPmk3, T40RPmk3 and T20RPmk3

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 15, 2015.
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  1. HotIce
    Enter 50 Ohm and 92 dB/mW and you can see that 2Vrms, if real under limited distortion, should give you a painful enough listening experience.
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  2. AMNovak
    Thanks Guys. I guess I'll give it a shot. Really hoping that this doesn't lead to my wanting to buy a dedicated headphone amp!
  3. ProfFalkin
    Of course it will.   The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, eh?  [​IMG]
  4. eeagle
    Well I'm listening on my D1 right now with my T50RPmk3's, love this little footprint DAC/Amp.  It has no problem driving these planars....don't believe everything Z-reviews say...take them for the entertainment value only..  The T50RP's do take bit of an increase over my Momentums for a comfortable volume which I only barely crack the volume control for.  The T50RP's get a comfortable listening level at about one quarter volume, half turn it too loud for my pleasure.
    Highly recommend the T50RP's by the way....buy and enjoy.
  5. SpiderNhan
    I've had some success with alleviating comfort issues on the T50rp by using Shure 840 pads and the Mr. Speakers headband. I still get some pain, but that has more to do with my glasses than the headphones.

    I've taped over half the bass ports and mass loaded the driver with Uhu Tac. I like the sound, but these do not isolate enough for public transportation. For walking around they're great, both in environmental awareness and neck-ability.
  6. harooshni
    Hi guys I have been looking around and found that my preference for sound is the Audeze lcd-2 I seem to have a treble sensitivity. Is there any way to get the t20rp to have a simlilar tonal sound to the Audeze or just cough up the money and get the Audeze lcd-2? I was impressed by the headphones but they didnt blow me away so I am thinking getting something that is 85% as good with similar tone and i would be happy enough.
  7. marcan
    I have both LCD2.2 and the Fostex t50rp mk3.
    With the fostex you have the planar sound but you don't have the sub extension and the creamy mids that the LCD2 have. I would add that you have slight spike in the HF around 10khz. So you might have a problem with it.
    So you should try to check them before get them.
  8. Fishops
    You don't actually have to cut Shure pads to remove the damping foam, it peels off. Just pick off a spot with your fingernails and you can peel it off from there. You're left with a very light fabric that doesn't affect the sound in any audible way that I can tell. I wasn't in love with the sound of either the 1540 or 840 pads until I did this, now I've settled on the de-foamed 840 pads as my favorite for this can. The 1540's live on my SHP-9500's now.
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  9. harooshni

    ​Thank you for the reply I will probably just get the LCD2 then
  10. axtran

    My T40RP MK3 are much more comfortable than my LCD-2 (from sheer weight). Good luck with yours!
  11. paulmazz
    Hey, could any recommend some good replacement pads that would work well with the t40s? 
  12. axtran

    90% of this thread is about replacement pads. Did you not read anything?
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  13. Amish
    I was feeling like a new headphone and decided to pick up the Fostex T50RP MK3. Looking forward to playing with them. I've read this is the headphone to buy if I want to mod. I may be interested in modding.
    I'm in need of a replacement cable with XLR 4-pin male. Anyone know where I can nab one on the cheap? I want to power these cans off my Maggie.
  14. marcan
    From my experience, replacement pads was good for older t50rp models but from the mk3 I came to conclusion that it wasn't a good idea.
    1. the mk3 sound fine out of the box
    2. the new pads are better
    3. the bass vent are designed to work with the stock pads
    The two pads (shure and zmf) I tried was sonically a drawback.
    So if you look for a better sound I would keep the stock pads and if you look for comfort get something for the headband.
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  15. Fishops
    I doubt many people will argue that the stock pads don't sound great. They are certainly worlds better than the old Mk2 pads, but that's like saying a slap in the face is worlds better than a punch to the back of the head. They're still horribly, objectively uncomfortable.
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