Fostex HP-V8 Pure Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier Announced!
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Fostex International just announced the Fostex HP-V8 on their Facebook page.

(Click the photo above to see it a larger version.)
All they've said about it so far is:
We are pleased to announce the launch of a pure vacuum tube headphone amplifier, model HP-V8 incorporating unprecedented analogue technologies . This model will be launched in Japan first being followed by international sales in only selected countries. The details will be announced on our website in due course.

I'm not sure what the tube complement is yet, but you can see on its front panel that there are both single-ended and balanced headphone outputs, along with a rotary switch that lets you select low- and high-gain settings for either low-impedance or high-impedance headphones.
As we find out more information, we'll share it with you, if it isn't posted here by others first.
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Translated with Google Translate:
 Fostex is a "FOSTEX showrooms" to open the Tamagawa Futako on August 7, the company announced that it precedes showcase Chodokyu headphone amplifier "HP-V8" in the development. From 14:00 of August 8, we will hold a pre-recital at the FOSTEX showroom in Tokyo's Futakotamagawa. Release is scheduled for late autumn. The price that the undecided at the moment.The company has "developed by making full use of analog technology unprecedented" was a sing willingness work. The power section 300B to drive stage is adopted unique circuit configuration of mounting the KT88. In addition to the output transformer, in addition you have a thing of Hashimoto electricity made ​​in custom-made, transformers all adopt the hand-rolled processing, also stuck, such as parts used, the amount to be powerful specification transformers and housing . Achieve the S / N ratio of 115dB of excellence in the vacuum tube amplifier. Adopt electronic volume of New Japan Radio in volume. We aim to advanced playback of the small signal of high resolution. Input is only RCA unbalanced inputs. Switching the headphone output and balance (XLR 4-pole) imbalance, by the output selector. Also includes impedance and a gain selector switch, you can switch the impedance / gain a total of four stages. Impedance of the corresponding headphones 16Ω ~ 600Ω. For balanced output of the headphone, and it not necessarily is equipped with the amplifier section four, by devising a winding of the transformer, employ a method of outputting by switching the balance.According to the Fostex "It was thought that to gain four of the amplifier, because it is was good to convert transformer was adopted this method if you listen to the sound output" You are. In recital, it has become a plan that developers of Fostex and Takashi Iwai of audio critics to describe the product.
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Just as I get my credit card bills under control, this comes along.  Thanks a lot...
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This looks a microwave oven!
Looks like a limited release. Initially in Japan only, then a limited release internationally.
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I think it looks really cool I'd like to find out more on this amp..
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No XLR output?
Edit: Opps! yes it has. Couldn't see it in the pic.

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