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Fostex HP-P1 Portable DAC for iPhone, iPod and iPad (With Built-In Headphone Amp) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 011

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by jude, Sep 4, 2011.
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  1. Austin Morrow


    Yeah, I had to do that as well with my CLAS before reviewing it. Also, if your using an iPhone 4, make sure to turn it on Airplane mode, as that electronic interference will become quite annoying, especially to people with OCD.
  2. Sleepaphobic
    650 seems kind of steep but I want one.
  3. Austin Morrow


    It's steep, but it's sound quality for price.
  4. Currawong Contributor
    I've ended up getting one of these to use with my Symphones Magnums, which are as easy to drive as the Grados on which they are based, but more resolving. Definitely a great match and surprisingly resolving for a portable rig (though I wont be using those outside). It makes a useful difference to the M80s as well if I want to listen without disturbing people around me.
  5. 916Kev
    $650 is intimidating but you get what you pay for. I'm curious to know if these would pair well with the fischer fa-003. Thanks in advance for helping me out!
  6. ZenFire
    Plugged the iPhone 4 / HP-P1 into the car stereo.  WOWOWOWOW.  Who knew the system was hiding in there?  We played it LOUD. Zero fatigue, zero ear pressure or lingering noise. Clean pianos, violins, guitars, and vocals. Amazing percussion. 
  7. Currawong Contributor
    I might have to give that a go. Can't remember if I posted here, but I have mine feeding a Triad Audio L3 (Lisa III) amp. Did very well as a transportable system.
  8. Aldighieri
    Any experience with Senn HD 650 or similar 300 ohm  hphones? thank  you
  9. smial1966
    Calling all Fostex HP-P1 owners...
    Has anyone been successful in obtaining a software/firmware upgrade for their HP-P1 from Fostex? I first read about this on a head-fi thread relating to a Japanese consumer electronics show late last year. Apparently the upgrade (can't recollect whether it was software or firmware but assuming the latter) substantially increases battery life and therefore music playback time. There is no upgrade for the HP-P1 on the Fostex International website updates section -  http://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/tech_support/software_updates.shtml - but I wondered whether anyone had obtained it directly from Fostex?
  10. shigzeo Contributor
    I've the CLASS, not the Foxtex, but paired with any amp I've used, the FA-003 work great. They are extremely easy to drive, which is a big plus in my opinion.
  11. jude Administrator
    I believe it has to be performed by a dealer. In the U.S., Moon Audio is doing the firmware updates, and I'll be sending mine to him to have that done.
    I think Fostex was performing these updates at the last Tokyo Headphone Festiva (Fall 2011), but I neglected to have it done then.
  12. dallan Contributor
    I think the one i ordered from Drew last week has the upgrade, the response from him wasn't too clear on it.  It's coming Tues, he had no two day option so had to wait a week..........
    He was very responsive otherwise though, which is always nice.[​IMG]
  13. lac29
    Wow I didn't even know headfi had a show.  I'm wondering how these pair with a Senn HD600.
  14. jackrabbitslim0
    Hi rudi0504,
    I also have the same problem with both Solo & Fostex DAC... really No Idea....
    But when playing iPod Support format from Stock Music Apps, no such issue.
    I tried TTPOD, Golden Ear, they all have the same issue...
    Finally. I use Capriccio Player, such issue disappear... No idea...
    Any one got any idea? Thanks!
  15. nijohc
    i know what u pay is what u get.. but aw.. too bad i cant afford that kind of money for this.
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