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Fostex HP-A8, Furutech GT40, and Sony HAP-S1

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  1. Matvei
    For Sale
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    Doing some spring cleaning here.

    I have the following items for sale. All of them are in perfect cosmetic and working condition. The HP-A8 is currently set to 120v but can be changed to 100 or 240.

    Fostex HP-A8 (not mk2) $550 OBO includes remote (missing oem power cable, but you should use something better anyway as it's just a generic PC cable)
    Furutech GT40 (not alpha) $250 OBO includes power brick
    Sony HAP-S1 silver color $550 OBO includes all original accessories and paperwork

    These prices include free shipping in the USA, tracked and insured.
    International shipping also available.
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  2. Matvei
    Prices dropped. Enjoy.
  3. Matvei
  4. Matvei
    Bump! all of these are still available.
  5. 70sMusicMan

    Is the Sony HAP - S1 still available?
  6. rocky2
    Is Furutech GT40 still available?

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