Fostex HP-A4
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  Just to share! Headfonia has a short review on the HP-A4:

Seems hard to believe that the A4, with a completely different DAC chip, would be better characterized as a "mini-A8" than would the A3 (the latter of which has a very similar AK DAC chip to the A8). Can anyone explain how it could be otherwise? I'm quite open-minded and curious about the A4, just haven't had a chance to hear it yet. This review seems counter-intuitive in some ways. Is the A4 really more V-shaped than the A3? This would be very useful to know.
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I'll see if my local store has both the HP-A3 and HP-A4 demo sets and make a comparison. :) Stay tuned!
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Given the U-shape of both the TH900 and the TH600 plus the sensible match with the HP-A8 I'd doubt that Fostex would give the A4 a V-shaped signature... but that is speculation of course. Would come as a surprise nevertheless...
The review seems to reflect the differences between the chips used in the previous Fostex DACs vs. this new model -- calling that signature V-shaped seems a bit far-fetched to me, but I'll have a listen in february.
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I think he means V-shaped by direct comparison to the HP-A3 which is rather soft on both extremes (laid-back). He describes the sound as more punchy and dynamic, which is a common trait I've heard in many Sabre designs. That's great news, IMO.
I hope the A4 retains that slight sweetness that I love from the A3 (and, IMO, makes the "Fostex sound").
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That would make more sense in my view, but it would have better then to claim that the A3 had more of an inverted U sound signature, rather than claiming that the A4 sounds more V-shaped in comparison. It makes me question what Headfonia considers neutral.
I guess the A4 is more aimed as a universal solution and it has a very good chance to do well there. Not a lot of competition in this market.
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hello everyone, ive always preferred my denon ah-d2000, though the hd650 i quite liked as well (but boring for EDM and techno)

so i just bought a fostex th-600 from a very reputable member here at head-fi, but i am concerned about the setup, as i want the most synergy out of it.

i currently use a cambridge audio dacmagic (original) and a schiit asgard 2. i know that will be more than enough power for the th600, but mike at headfonia said its sound potentials change drastically with different amps, the more expensive the better.

i talked to a seasoned audiophile friend of mine, and he told me it is bs and the change arent really noticeable.

anyways TL;DR i was wondering if i should replace my setup with fostex's very own HP-A4, as it looks good both on paper and in real life, but i havent heard it yet.

can anyone give me a description of their experiences of pairing the th600 with the hp-a4??
i cant wait until i get the th600, and its quite easy for me to sell off my current dac and amp and order a hpa4 off

my dacmagic is neutral but very analytic sound, and the asgard 2 is slightly warm, laid back, but also very dynamic and energetic.
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Moon Audio has this in stock for $399.99. Better than ordering from Japan for those from the States:

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