Forza AudioWorks Impressions Thread

  1. SixthFall
    I feel like i may be the minority here, but I had nothing but trouble with forza. Ordered a LOD for my ipod like 2.5 months ago, which disappeared in transit. Forza said they would replace it and resend it, but alas, they never did, I was unable to contact them since, and am now trying to get a refund. Shame, as their stuff looks nice, and they are the only place i can still get a 30pin to 3.5mm cable, but oh well.
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  2. UntilThen
    Did you actually try to contact Matez?

    He was certainly very professional and timely in his correspondence with me. From the time I ordered till I get the 2 cables, was about 2 weeks. That's fast and Matez kept me in the loop.
  3. SixthFall
    Yup, numerous times. guess he was busy or something. oh well.
  4. Yethal
    Here are my Forzadynamic Custom 1770 Pro. Matt not only was kind enough to make this lovely looking cable for me, he also installed DT 1770 Pro drivers in my COP and rewired them. In return I ordered a custom shield for my COP with Forza logo to serve as free advertisment wherever I go.
    20170817_193113.jpg 20170818_195152.jpg 20170818_195203.jpg
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  5. proedros
    also interested in a sony zx2 trrs > sony wm1a 4.4 adaptor for use with 2-pin cables
  6. henriks
    Going for Forza, and the same time a balanced option, is the pigtail worsen the sound?
  7. BlueEmperor
    Wow a lot of custom work I didnt even knew that Matt was doing things like this. I Love your Forzadynamic Custom 1770 Pro!
  8. Yethal
    Me neither. I went over his workshop to pick up a cable and asked him whether that would be doable and to my surprise he said that it wouldn't be a problem. Took him one day to get the drivers, the rewiring and the cable done.
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  9. Boogie7910
    Anyone try the Forza usb or coax cable? Thoughts?
  10. zappazappazappa
    Was thinking of buying cable for Ether Flows. Only possible compatible item listed on website is Mr Speakers Alpha Dog connector. Anyone know if connectors are the same as for the Ether Flow(Hi rose 4 pin)? Noticed there is no email listed on site now. Contact link comes up 'error 500'.
  11. Yethal
    Matt's email is
  12. zappazappazappa
  13. rudra
    got my forza cable today. the cables are built quite well. No complaints. I ordered the Claire Hybrid HPC for the ZMF and the Noir HPC MK2 for the EMU. For those who are looking for a custom cable for the EMU I would definitely recommend Forza.

    Matt always replied to my email and answered any questions and concerns in a very professional manner. For potential customers please have some patience if you are ordering. Since these are built to order it took about 2.5 weeks for me to get them. But the wait is worth it. 20170831_171123.jpg 20170831_171204.jpg
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  14. UntilThen
    Identical cables for my HD800 and LCD-2f. Agree that Forza cables are top notch. Love it.
  15. rudra
    you had some influence in the choice of cable :speaking_head:

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