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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    I fell asleep in the middle but didn´t appear I missed much. Strange scenes on the podium with such melancoly. Ham completly neutral. Vettel was at least a bit happy and fine with the Fubarri not being up to par and getting best place possible and Bottas was really said winning the race comfortably???

    I guess the track with all the walls and dangerous drainpipes is very mentally draining or something.

    Ricchiardos dive bomb would work in a Red Bull I imagine. Renault certainly don´t appear to be on that level :)
  2. SteveOliver
    Why did he reverse up without even checking the rear view mirrors too? Its just like watching the mums on the school run on TV. :)
  3. oqvist
    Panicking about loosing a second every second being stationary. Rear view mirrors is horrendous so he just took a gamble. Kvyat got screwed twice over as a result.
  4. Phronesis
    Ricc is overrated and overpaid ...
  5. SteveOliver
    He beat Vettel in 2014, in a team he was established in.

    Or most likely did he got a fair bit of the famous RBR "favouritism" Verstappen is now getting?
  6. Hutnicks
    Not really he is one of Marko's uberkidz finding it hard to ween himself off the DeadBull tit. It now becomes a question of if his early shown talent can be translateed in mid career adapability
  7. oqvist
    Is anybody still following f1?

    Every year and every race I question myself why but guess it is tradition.

    Happened some renaults new power unit delivers. Can abedouls team challenge red bull or can toyota one up again?

    Vettel continues to cave under pressure but its always tough being in the slower car. Superharsh penalty but correct.
  8. gr8soundz
    I still watch every race plus all the coverage during practice and quali.

    Agree, penalty was harsh but necessary and also just part of motor racing. Was worse for Hamilton at Spa in 2008 despite him giving the position back. Don't recall Ham in '08 behaving half as badly as Vettel did yesterday.

    Lost count how many times Vettel made a mistake out front with another car trailing him. Not sure why he feels entitled to driver error, going off track, and somehow expects to retain the lead.
    Phronesis and SteveOliver like this.
  9. SteveOliver
    I think if the onboard hadn't shown him turning right to block (oversteer correction, yeh right :) ) He would have avoided the penalty, he would have lost the lead though. Could he have got close enough after turn 10 to retake the lead, we will never know.
    gr8soundz likes this.
  10. oqvist
    Lewis would still be on the kerbs and compromised a bit but yes likely he would get ahead. But every driver in the world would do what Vettel did there with that amount of timr. If lewis was a fraction more behind it would be fine.
  11. gr8soundz
    Watched P1 coverage and still too much talk about changing the tire regs to increase competition. No mention of the fact that Mercedes dominance this year is partly due to other's mechanical issues and driver errors. Otherwise, Ferrari would already have 2 wins this season.

    Instead of hoping that all teams will agree (impossible) to force Pirelli to revert tire builds, why not simply make 2 stops per race mandatory?

    If F1 is truly a 'team' sport then get the other parts of each team more involved.

    Edit: (Watching P2) or they could just race 10x in Austria since one car/driver from each of top 3 teams appears to crash out.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2019
  12. oqvist
    It would just make the races even more predictable.

    Ferrari would havw one win. You make more errors when in an inferior car you have to push harder. Hamilton and bottas is the only ones that can allow themselves to cruise a bit
  13. oqvist
    Red Bull ring always delivers. T3 is such a geniously designed corner. Can debate weither Max should be allowed to keep the win had it been early in the gp I think they would give him a 5 second penalty. But that is my conspiration theory :p That said pushing the outside car off the track is legit if not to aggressive before though it´s generally on the drive after apex and not at apex. Leclerk need to get his horns out I couldn´t believe when I saw he left the door open yet again not expecting that push?

    Only booring races left now. Every F1 race should be at Red Bull ring.
  14. gr8soundz
    I'm glad they didn't penalize Max. He turned in a bit late but onboard showed he was on full steering lock away from Leclerc. No idea why it took 2hrs to make decision; kept everyone in suspense thinking FIA might screw up best race of the season so far.

    Makes no sense trying to outlaw wheel-to-wheel contact in an open-wheel sport. Would be a shame to limit passing to DRS and pits only.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  15. oqvist
    F1 is not designed for wheel to wheel things tend to break when cars collide. And rules say must leave a car width don´t matter if he did a honest or calculated misstake he did force leclerk off the track. But Leclerk should get the same penalty for his poor strategic mind so it´s even steven.

    Some here may recall Nico did the same thing like max did but with more power behind the move :)
    The lap before was textbook how it should be done.
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