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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks
    Warwick got that call right. Max is still learning and the Hungaroring aint the venue to be sticking your spoon into your teammates soup bowl.

    Frightening how it could have played out but for the first lap shennanigans. The Dead Bulls went all Force India on that one and while not excusing Max, I think Ric's statement that he was not going to make any friends on Sunday perhaps had him over defending to compensate.

    Alonso being human again. dunno if I really believe the act but at any rate his fanservice and self promotion by lounging on the winners parc ferme on top of his own mural is going to be iconic. Can hardly wait for Teflonso the anime series to debut followed by the live action starring James Franco, of course.

    Kudos to Hammer for letting Bottas by for the podium. After innumberable years of suffering with A hole teammates perhaps his sporting side is now allowed to come to the surface with one he respects.

    I think Kimi is driving for his seat now. Forever the whipping boy of the management if he had pressured Seb at all in the race it would have turned into a complete melee for the last 15 laps.
  2. Hutnicks
    Hmm duplicate post as the original did not show up on my screen.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  3. MuZo2
    :sleeping::sleeping: It should have been one lap race. Like 100m sprint. It was impossible to overtake.
  4. WraithApe
    Yep, definitely a snooze fest that one. Let's hope for better after the summer break.
  5. oqvist
    It would been more fun with more team mates racing eachother but its not the best race track for overtaking.
  6. jimmers
    I remember a long time ago the commentator was saying how it was nearly impossible to overtake there, and at that moment far away in the distance you could see Mansell passing someone :)

    And I don't think that wasn't even 1989.
  7. Hutnicks
    I think that was Murray Walker back in the day on that comment.

    The overtaking issue is more to do with the aero on the cars than the topography of the track. Hamilton having to back off every time he came anywhere near the Ferrari is a real indicator of how sensitive to the airflow these new cars are.
  8. oqvist
    Straights is to short as well to motor through as well. Hence the competitive mclarens :)
  9. MuZo2
    Mclaren with Renault engine might be as good as Redbull.
  10. jimmers
    Yeah, I was really hoping they were going back to that level of aero for the new rules, single element front wing with one flap and simple end plates inside the tyres, and no excrescences, but no luck.
    See how close Mansell was following Senna there in '91.
  11. Hutnicks
    Well if they were at all serious about curbing costs that would be one of the most effective ways to do it. Millions are spent on those complex front wings and it really does not improve the competitiveness overall as well as causing huge debris fields when they get trod on by a competitor.
  12. jimmers
    As well as cutting victims tyres, I've found it funny that often when part of an end plate is damaged they actually seem to go faster :) perhaps they only work optimally when all alone (?)
  13. oqvist
    Yeah would help but f1 would not be the fastest anymore. It did surprise me when indycar went the high downforce route before them and cart had more robust cars that tolerated more abuse.
  14. Hutnicks
    Well they seem somehow to always find ways back to the speeds when challenged if the rules are not stacked against them with nonesense like tyres that cannot be pushed to the limits. I would like to see a return to more mechanical grip and see what they can find there.
  15. oqvist
    It would no doubt offer better racing but wings was a major breakthrough :). More realistic is a new series that somehow gain more popularity and kills f1.
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