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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    They could replace it with Le Mans. Would be interesting to see them race in lowest downforce configurations. Puts more demands on the drivers.
  2. jimmers
    I imagine you mean the Circuit de la Sarthe not the Bugatti Circuit
  3. oqvist
    Yes the real deal no witchcraft :)
  4. oqvist
    How well do you believe modern F1 engines would deal with the long straights of Le Mans and the high average speeds and the bumpy nature of it? If every team would get a bonus motor just for LeMans would it be enough without changing regulations. Honda out of the picture of course :p
  5. oqvist
    Nico Rosberg get thrown out of Wimbledon for not wearing socks?!
  6. WraithApe
    They just don't like F1 drivers at Wimbledon. Hamilton was barred from the royal box for not wearing a jacket and tie a couple of years ago.
  7. Hutnicks
    To be fair it is not like these guys cannot afford the wardrobe, nor are unable to read the regulations:)

    Silverstone with grid penalty mayhem for everyone except the SCUD.

    Have to like Toto's reply to Grosjean's complaints. I'll never understand why Ferrari is still backing that guy with so much talent dying to get into F1 right now.
  8. WraithApe
    Poor Seb. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... :smiling_imp:
  9. Hutnicks
    Isn't that the truth of it?

    Have to feel for Kimi, he looked about ready to retire on the spot up on the podium.

    Great drive from Bottas to keep himself in the hunt till the very end.
  10. jimmers
    And still complaining and blaming, should have been gone years ago.
  11. oqvist
    What did he say? Grosjean have so many grunts now you wonder why there is no parodies on the net already :D

    As for dress code what does it matter if you don´t wear socks when you where shoes? It´s not like he is running around naked.
  12. WraithApe
    I'm willing to bet whatever he said included the word 'unbelievable' - seems to be his favourite word.
  13. Hutnicks
    Cosworth rattling sabres about coming back into F1 again. So long as they drop MGU H from the engine specs.

    I am of two minds on this whole thing. Sure costs are out of control , then again this is F1 and if you want cheap FF is just down the road in the lesser formulae. While the weedwhacker sounding V6's are not amusing the fans with thier voice, the 40+ % efficiency they are getting is a massive step forward for manufacturers and I would hate to see that lost.

    I cannot help but wonder that if Renault had got it's act together and Honda was not so intent on the auto tear-down motor experiment, would there be so much whining?

    Perhaps the powers that be should be asking a different question. How come Merc could get it right and how did the SCUD manage to catch up while all the rest are swimming in failure?
  14. Muinarc
    Good questions. I know that Gene Haas couldn't express enough just how complicated these power units are. You'd think that Honda would just figure one thing out and catch right up but obviously it's not so simple somehow. As to the cost of F1, you need it to not be an open checkbook. Our US commentators were lamenting the 30 spot grid penalty on Alonso and how "ridiculous" it is, but if you just give them free reign, there will be 2 teams in F1 and everyone else will leave. It almost happened in Moto GP and it wasn't pretty. I don't want to watch a race with a grid of less than 10 cars.

    I think letting Honda/McLaren spend and break token rules at the cost of basically forfeiting every race is fair. Let them spend their way back to being competitive and all the private teams can score points and make/save $ in the meantime. It's kind of a self policing system, if you think you can score points you wont sacrifice a race to break an engine rule for the mid teams, and for sure the top teams wont put a championship in danger just to gain 0.1 second at the cost of grid penalties when they can gain that in aero development or something. The only danger is a team leaving one of their 2 drivers to whither and test new stuff while another goes for a championship, but if you keep the reward for placement in constructor's championship high enough they wont do that either.
  15. oqvist
    Even better remove the legacy money from teams like Mclaren, Ferrari and the likes and we will have a more competitive formulae.

    That hybrid power is hard is no obvious. Look at the P1 attrition at the Lemans 24H race. There used to be a saying that it was nowadays a 24h sprint race but not anymore as hybrid systems develope and bring in a lot more components that can brake down. Electrical power is the way forward though so no turning back.
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