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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. WraithApe
    I think we can see that this season - Alonso has trounced Vandoorne so far. SV's quali + race performances are probably more reflective of where Mac Honda are actually at; it's skewed by the Alonso factor.
  2. WraithApe
    It also seems it's not all about power; the Honda engine has other deficiencies as well - which Alonso has alluded to at times this season - such as its fuel inefficiency.
  3. Hutnicks
    That is a huge part of the problem. When it keeps detonating you really have no opportunity to get to all the other issues that may be creeping around the innards of that beast. The fact that Honda readily admits to issues just dyno testing the thing is incredibly telling.
  4. gr8soundz
    With so many race engine issues, I'm starting to question Honda's latest road engines (the opposite of why manufacturers burn money to race). As someone who drove a Honda with their high-revving B18C5 for 10 years, it seems they've lost their way.
  5. oqvist
    They should redeem themself and start running WEC. 24h LeMans with only Toyota and Porsche this year in the P1 class worth mentioning. Should be a Toyota year but you never know in endurance :)
  6. oqvist
    All P1s broke down this year. The one breaking down the least just about manaced to beat the P2s. Which is a lot faster this year though. It´s certainly not easy to get these hybrid systems going.
    Excellent way for Honda to redeem themselves.
  7. Hutnicks
    24 hours when they cannot go 500 miles without a motor disassembling itself. That's just a pipe dream at best.

    Toyota must be severely annoyed. Then again if you go up against Porsche in endurance racing you had better take you A game and tune it up 1000 percent. Not a fan of the road cars in general but nothing on earth comes close to a race car from Stuttgart when it's delivered. They pretty much wrote the book on endurance racing.
  8. oqvist
    Well the one Porsche that survived spent 90 min in the pits and malfunctioned first. As I see it there was only loosers in p1 this year but these hybrid systems is complex :)

    No f1 engine would survive lemans but would be cool to have them
  9. MuZo2
    Maybe for F1 they can do something like LMP1, so Ferrari and Merc and Renault who are constructors and would like to go hybrid way can use Hybrid engines where as Redbull, Mclaren can use more simple petrol engines.

    Hybrid & Non-hybrid
    Minimum weight 870 kilograms (1,920 lb) 850 kilograms (1,870 lb)
    Engine displacement Free Maximum 5.5 litres (340 in3)
    Fuel tank size for petrol engines 68.3 litres (18.0 US gal)
    for diesel engines 54.2 litres (14.3 US gal)
  10. WraithApe
    The Power of Pipe Dreams.
  11. Hutnicks
    I wonder if folks of younger generations understand that expression was about long before the "crack pipe" was invented:)

    In other news the muckrakers in the F1 press making allegations of a Honda/Williams deal in Mac gives the grenade builders the boot for next year. This just after Monisha states they have nothing to give to Honda in the way of input for engine development.

    I am sure Feynman did NOT have F1 in mind when he coined "There's plenty of room at the bottom"

    In leu of a Hamilton / Rosberg feud to entertain us this year we get a Toto / Rosberg feud instead. Britney, vicious? Really Toto who ever would have thought it? I actually cannot wait for Rosberg to write a book which will give us some insight into the Toto Lauda school of management and b) ensure Nico never gets employed in the cockpit again.
    Hamiltons rebuttal book will of course be an international bestseller with half of hollywood clamouring to be the one to write the forward:)
  12. Hutnicks
    Wow. So Monisha gets the Ronbo treatment . I wonder how much of that was due to the Honda engine deal?
  13. oqvist
    Not so much. Imagine they can´t afford a merc or 2017 ferrari engine not a Renault.
  14. Hutnicks
    Not going to be able to afford a Cox 049 after they go pointless next year.
  15. oqvist
    It´s not like they would score any points on the Ferrari 2016 either :p
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