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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. WraithApe
    Maybe he was confusing Sato with Salo! Mika Salo drove for Toyota in their debut season.

    BARF1. :grin: Wasn't that Chris Evans's private plate?
  2. Hutnicks
    That would not surprise me in the least. Although it does strech the meaning of "Vanity Plate" a little:)

    Nice to see the tabloids having a field day with Ferrari conspiracies to favour Vettel. They seem to be ignoring the Verstappen Ricciardo scenario though.
  3. oqvist
    Tbh the speed difference make me wonder if Vettel gave away pole... Of course I know better he would never multi 21 but it does seems like nobody know how these tires operate like Vettel. How he let the gap grow the first few laps where kimi was burning rubber and it sounded like he wanted to come in first.
  4. Hutnicks
    I don't think anyone really had a handle on the tyre deg and resurrection issues until the race was on. I think Vettel simply got extremely lucky there. Might explain why Merc was struggling so much as well.
  5. Hutnicks
    This thread died for the Canadian GP. You guys all anti Canadian or something:)

    The rumour mill in full bloom now to the Mac/Honda split. This has deteriorated faster than Dead Bulls whipping of Renault with the difference that Mac can actually get a Merc motor if they need to. The claim is it would cost them 78 megaquid to do so, but really when you are going pointless for a whole season how much of problem would that actually be if you could return to competitiveness.

    The big question is, where would that leave Sauber?

    Awesome to see the Pink ones running up front for a while. The little team that could keeps pulling along. Must be no end of grief for Williams and Toro Rosso to see an underfinanced effort grabbing all those points. Now if they can only get their strategy up to snuff. Then again to be fair, they have never really had to so are breaking new ground.

    Ferrari being Ferrari again for a moment. Must warm the Merc crowd to see that they are not the invincible juggernaut they appeared up till now. Of course Kimi bearing the brunt of the teams ill luck again. Someone ought to send him a four leaf clover or a rabbits foot.

    The big intrigue here was, if Dead Bull can get ahead on a quick track, they can hold off the Scuds advances. We really need a race where both Ric and Max are up and about to see where the bovines really stand in the mix. Verstappen seems to be falling into the Raikkonnen school of luck this year and that is a shame, we really need him up with Ric between the Merc's and the Red cars to make for some interesting races.

    Nice to see Kubica make the distance in the Renault test. I don't know how realistic a comeback is for him but I would love to see it.

    I will be out buying a comfy pillow for the Baku snooze fest coming up. I fear with the wider cars it will be even more of a parade than last year.
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  6. gr8soundz
    Sauber should be concerned if they become the only cars running Honda engines. But they had to consider that possibility when agreeing to a deal; still think they must have been offered the engines for next to nothing. Can't imagine much worse than maybe going from middle of the pack and scoring major points to barely finishing races due to engine failures.

    Renault powered cars (imo) have always made great starts. They even had the best launch control (by far; until it was banned) during Alonso's championship years. With a very good driver like Verstappen, I wasn't surprised at how well he got off the line. Sadly, I wasn't surprised when his drivetrain failed either. But Renault is still miles better than Honda right now.

    I always liked Kubica and wanted to see him back in the car but afaik the Rally injuries to his arm were just too severe to resume F1.

    I think Hamilton will dominate Baku. Most drivers covet inaugural wins and after his quali mistake last year and losing to Rosberg he'll be beyond motivated there (fan snooze fest or not). Plus he will still be riding high from the entire Canada race weekend.
  7. oqvist
    I believe kubica started Rallying due to damaging his thumb in that big crash in the BMW? Good for sauber being the main Honda team. Mclaren failed with the merc engine before they could take last years Ferrari engine would be an interesting switch.
  8. Hutnicks
    It was actually in a Rally that he damaged the hand and had to withdraw from F1.

    I really don't know if Sauber would benefit here. I can see Honda doing another runner from F1 if things with Mac get ugly. This could easily wind up being one of the most complex deals in F1 with the sponsorship commitment Honda has with Mac. The Japanese psyche will not easily swallow a Merc powered car with Honda livery . In essense it would be a case of Honda actually paying for them to use another manu's motor.

    Politics may make for strange bedfellows, but F1 takes that to an undreamed of level.

    Shining star here would be for Honda to position themselves as the much touted and ever so nebulous provider of engines for all the also rans that the new masters are touting. Cosworth proved they are no longer up to the job. Should Honda by some miracle get that powerplant to work, they could come out on top and save face.

    Reality being I see that as about a likely as a 3 legged nag winning the Preakness:)
  9. oqvist
    Since Sauber is on the Ferrari 2016 engine they can only benefit. It´s enough the honda hold for one single race and it can take the sauber past Q3. It has significantly more power afterall even though the durability is far from top notch. But if Saubers chassi make for less vibrations it may hold up better who knows :p. Depending on what they had to pay of course but the ferrari engine was always a dead end.
  10. Hutnicks
    Don't quite know how you are figuring that. Sauber already has 4 points this year with last years Ferrari engine while Mac is holding at zero.
  11. oqvist
    They could turn down the engine mapping still have more HP and finish the races. Mclaren have a history of reliability problems Honda or not so it may fair better in another chassi :)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  12. WraithApe
    Why not just admit Honda is a crap show? :smirk: Maybe they should stick to knocking out Civics...
  13. oqvist
    Yes the Honda engine is not good but its better then the Ferrari 2016 engine. I dont think mclaren can blame it all on honda that they dont have any success.
  14. Hutnicks
    How on earth can you make that statement. Alonso himself states a 30kph speed differential to the next nearest competitor down the straight. Turning the engine mapped power down would make a Honda powered vehicle a lethal mobile chicane.

    Personalities aside (and he really seems to be working on that of late) Alonso plain and simple is the best driver ever to grace a track when it comes to driving a POS car miles above it's potential. If this is all he can do with that package just start imagining what the third stringer drivers are going to face when they have to sit on top of that motor next year.

    Honda has similar issues at Indycar with engine explosions, but it gets far less press as the field is oversaturated with their equipment and generally a Honda powered car wins. The fact is though that somewhere along the line in their engine development program their is a serious procedural flaw and one which they are unwilling to identify and remedy.

    It a mind set issue over everything else and harkens me back to Eric Bergerud's Fire in the Sky, where when the Americans started taking airfields in the Pacific islands they were astounded to see the sheer volume of inactive aircraft lying around. The concept of cannibilising several damaged aircraft to repair several others to fly was absolutely incomprehensible to the Japanese at the time. They were culturally blind to it.

    I think right about now Zak is dying to pull the plug on them and exterminate the last legacy of Ronbo. Meanwhile I have yet to see Hamilton looking rueful on the podium:)
  15. oqvist
    Honda engine has better top speed then the Ferrari 2016. Reliability is poor nobody is arguing that but there is a reason why we see mclaren in q3 at times with relatively good top speeds
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