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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks
    There are a million options available to making an off track excursion unpalatable. Surfaces that degrade the tyres or promote a spin. Wider and three abreast does not really work as the speed differential between the inside and outside cars just makes for an imminent disaster.

    The money they wasted on Tilke could have been much better spent. Then again this is a sport at the pinnacle of technology who's great idea for cockpit protection was the Halo:thinking:
  2. oqvist
    3wide can absolutely work I do it a lot in my multiclass racing. P1 loves trying to leapfrog p2 waiting to lap a GT :wink:. 3 wide in corners is not usual though somebody generally cave before the apex :p But the wider the track the longer cars can challenge eachother. Going 3wide at Monaco there is hardly room. You can easy at a good proper race track like Silverstone for example.
  3. Hutnicks
    Meanwhile, luckless Button is all back of the bus and all thanks again to the Honda rotating time bomb.

    At least Maclaren the documentary is out on the streams now so we can fondly remember better times.
  4. oqvist
    That was a great qualification with quite some surprises. Saubers upgrades really seem to help a lot who would have guessed they would be at the bottom?
    Stoffel ruining Hamiltons small chance getting to Q3. Wonder what went wrong. Not that Bottas car looked stellar but he had car control to hold it at least. Hamilton was just about to set it on the wall every single lap more or less.
    I thought Kimi got his last pole but no. Killer lap talk about leaving no margins. Vettel understandibly didn´t push quite that hard but now unless he takes the start or something strange happens he has lost the Monaco GP.
  5. Hutnicks
    Yes, that was an awesome session. Red Bull still struggling to stay in touch with the top teams.
    Bottas looked like he was a millimetre away from disaster on that lap. Hamilton holding on for dear life all the way through. Going to be a long night in the Merc garage trying to figure this one out. I am dying to hear what the issue is. Were it not that both cars struggled I would suspect a damaged chassis on Hamiltons car.

    Life left in the old dog yet. Just when everyone is about to write Kimi off, he turns in a spotless performance like this. Hope he gets away clean tomorrow and takes the win.

    Bottas making a decent finish could also give the championship a different complexion here. I would be shocked if Hamilton can thread his way through the pack on this track.
  6. oqvist
    It´s impossible. He need some insane luck with some super aggressive strategy with rain at the right moment.

    They said that merc confessed being on the wrong path on thursday and ran out of time to fix it apparently.
    Max half a second ahead of Ricchiardo. And Stoffel failing to beat a retired Button was the biggest blows dealt.
  7. MuZo2
    Ricchiardo was in traffic & Stoffel was ahead of Button in Q1 & Q2. I think it was best qualy of the year for him until that crash.

    Best moment was when Kimi was told he was on pole. He had his usual cold reaction ... ah OK. I think in his mind he was thinking of post qualy press conference.
  8. Hutnicks
    Yeah he appears as excited as Arrivebene did when they interviewed him in the paddock:) Perhaps Kimi is rubbing off on Ferrari.

    Ric is none to impressed about them shooting him out in the thick of it. He is becoming progressively more disenchanted at the Bull.

    Compare Stoffels performance in the dog of a Mac to Stroll to get a better picture of who is capable of just what. Eating a wall happens eventually to everyone at Monaco so, while the timing sucked I really cannot flay him over that one. Hope they can get a car back together for tomorrow, but the big question is, what part of the rotating time bomb did the impact shake loose now?
  9. oqvist
    Well this is a race I could have spoiled even before it started :p. Every attempt to overtake caused an collision except some managed to pass the safety car and some didn´t.
    These cars appear to be absolutely monsters on cold tires lapping 1.22s several laps in after being behind the SC. Sadly not even that allowed for any successful overtaking then nothing ever will.
  10. Hutnicks
    Well, it is Monaco after all. Wider cars, more Pirelli shenanigans making for what Vettel described as two lives for the tyres. They need to reinstate refueling. I mean if Indy can do it, what is their problem?

    On that note, big kudos to Takuma Sata for winning the 500. I never thought he got a fair shake in F1. 6 Honda engine failures at BAR ( sound familiar??) really never set him up for any kind of a season.

    Alonso, not only does his motor expire at Indy, Button smacks his car up in Monaco. Still, classed at 25th Indy pays out about 350 grand.
  11. WraithApe
    Man, what a snooze fest. The usual Monaco procession. Glad I recorded it instead of watching it live so I could whip through the dull bits (i.e. most of the race). All the overtaking action happened in the pits.
  12. WraithApe
    I seem to remember Sato being a bit of a hoon in F1! Not Maldonado levels, but kinda reckless...
  13. Hutnicks
    Sure was in his early days.
  14. oqvist
    Sato was running for Toyota as well at some point ai believe? He was good not like maldo he crashed with other drivers not the pit walls
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
  15. Hutnicks
    No. He started like about everyone else in the era with Jordan and got picked up by BAR Honda (Still have one of their hats just because the website was BARF1.com, how did that slip by the pr people?) and subsequently wound up in the ill fated and underfinanced by Honda, Super Aguri team which collapsed when Honda did a runner from F1 for lack of results.

    He tested for the seat at Toro Rosso that eventually went to Bourdais. Shame, while Bourdais was ok he never got the results Sato was proving he could deliver in his final days at Aguri. He had a fairly brilliant drive in Montreal in 07 I believe and scored points for the team in Spain as well. Not bad with a year old reworked Honda chassis.
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