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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    Not sure I enjoyed watching cart back in the days because cars was more equal and it was more about the driver. There was still stronger and weaker teams of course. Money always matter in motorsport
  2. WraithApe
    Don't need to imagine too hard - we've got Monaco coming up :wink:
  3. Hutnicks
    Yes. The first lap at Monaco may well be a thrill and a half. Particularly if it equalizes performance and the Dead Bulls get into the mix.

    So here's a good laugh for a rainy Sunday morning.


    Sure buddy and you could have won the WDC but you didn't want to show off.

    Even Monisha is not desperate enough to employ that joker. He did more than the 46 million he brought in damage to the cars.

    The old saying. "Neurotics build Castles in the Sky. Psychotics live in them." Seems to apply here
  4. WraithApe
    Great comments on that article - "Pastor declined a 2017 drive when they told him he had to start paying his own insurance premiums." :grinning:
  5. Hutnicks
    Have to admire the guys press agent though. Must have some huge clout to get him in the news at all. I mean even Formula E wouldn't take him.
  6. oqvist
    Maldonado get press so I would want the guy. I really miss him :frowning2:

    Not looking forward to Monaco. The most booring track of the season and somehow it´s supposed to be the pinnacle race of the F1 season? I don´t get it. It don´t have any history of great races.
  7. MuZo2
    Honda & Alonso having problems at Indy too, they had to change engine before qualifying. They cant run it at full power now.
  8. Hutnicks
    Thats beautiful. What's he going to try now, NASCAR?

    As for the most boring race, Monaco would have to stretch some to beat Baku for that honour Oqvist:)
  9. MuZo2
  10. Hutnicks
    Perfect. Awesome CV for any team foolish enough to entertain the thought of giving him a seat.

    Looking forward to Monaco. I'd love to see Button place in this race but the odds are squarely stacked against him. I suspect Vettel will own this one.
  11. Hutnicks
  12. oqvist
    Bad example though Monaco is not a good race track. Just about every Tilke track offer better racing and is more rewarding to drive. Not sure he thought that through he just want to make a popular outcry to monaco fans prior to the race :p.
  13. gr8soundz
    Biggest problem with Monaco is passing is near impossible unless drivers have Senna like levels of skill.

    Yes, there is much more risk but, once the better cars are at the front after qualifying, races turn into parades even for drivers with more pace.

    How much of that is real skill and real racing when passing has to take place during pit stops?
  14. Hutnicks
    Problem with Tikes mess's, is simply there is no penalty for bad driving. Mile wide run offs ability to cut corners now force the stewards to police up the pack where damage to the car did the job previously. We have all seen the mess that entails with endless directives and wrist slappings.

    Senna like performances should be encouraged. This is F1, not formula v and if you are not at the top of your game, eat a guardrail.
  15. oqvist
    They would need to find some way to make the guardrails safe maybe some airbagish rails that make the car loss time and make it safer at the same time. But that will cost a ton of money. But a wider track make for better racing as well as there is more possibilities go 2 and 3wide. Essentially what is a good drivers track and what is a good race track is the opposite. A driver want it as narrow and challenging as possible but a racer want it wide so he can challenge and overtake and it´s not just a train :)
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