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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks

    I seriously expect them to open up the DRS window within the next few races. As a short term fix it may have merit, but I suspect will introduce as many problems as solutions.
     The blue flag issue on the other hand is a larger problem. If 2 to 3 seconds worth of turbulence is going to be the rule you can hardly start expecting the rest of the pack to give up that much track position just because the top four are coming around. These guys have races to run as well and while not for podiums, the points battles are critical for their finances.
  2. oqvist
    On the other hand look at how easy Vettel could follow Hamilton close at Australia. Don´t think it´s worse then last year the new tires probably more then compensate.
    Also Raikkonen couldn´t even find an overtaking attempt at Ricchiardo but Vettel came by fairly quickly after overtaking Raikkonen. I do believe Vettels Ferrari is stronger and Kimi is not just looking for alibis with his radio calls but still these are real overtakes on track with no blue flags involved and we have some drivers that is much better racing other cars then others which can have good pace on their own.
    But will see in a complete dry race with plenty of grip then we will see less overtakings.
  3. Hutnicks

    It is going to take creative driving. That is going to be a hard pill for a lot of drivers to swallow when they are so used to being on the radio to Charlie cyring foul. Kudos to Vettel for the dive bomb passing. Max should have taken heart there too and shut TFU and got it done.
     Kimi. Well all of a sudden there were no problems with the engine and his "I have no torque" comments are now deemed as spurious by the SCUDs management.
     We need a dry race on a fast track like Montreal where Vettel gets ahead of Hamilton on the start, Raikkonen runs third Bottas 4th and the Dead bulls bring up the rear to sort this one out. I think between Bottas and either of the Dead bulls it will be a big tell of who and what the cars are doing..
    Mid pack the action to watch is FI against Williams. Same deal, second tier cars but some really aggressive drivers. Perez against Stroll I think will be a perpetual NASCAR type event with Lance coming off the loser in every case.
  4. MuZo2
    Another bad day for Honda. Zak played well to keep negative publicity away by Alonso Indy opportunity.
  5. Hutnicks

    Which explains why Button has no need to drive the car before Monaco[​IMG]
  6. MuZo2
    Yeah he also doesn't need to be fit, if he is going to spend most of his time in pits.
  7. oqvist
    Red Bull accuse Ferrari of cheating. Found a way to have the floor lowering itself after some distance. It´s okay where they measure it that is how they got around the regulation it seems.
  8. serman005
    Is it documented that Ferrari actually did this, or is it just an accusation?
  9. oqvist
    Don´t have any insights in F1 but RedBull seems to have documented it somehow :)
  10. jimmers
    What is your source?
  11. gr8soundz
    The same RedBull who used an illegal flexing front wing during their championship winning years?
  12. oqvist
    Red bulls use of loopholes was corrected so they want the red car to get similar treatment yes. But look at the cars now the parts is so flexible they T-wings and what not fall off :p
  13. oqvist
    Is there some us broadcast that streams all races live and is available outside the US? Skysports is driving me even more nuts with their bias then Viasat we have over here and my german is to bad.
    Fun race anyway this season is  shaping up much better then the last. 
  14. Hutnicks

    I hear you about Sky, they are just awful. I would watch Matchett and Hobbs but cannot find it to save my life here.
    Shame about Bottas in this one. Had he held on for the win it would have made the season a lot more interesting.
  15. MuZo2
    Hope from Canada its three way fight for podium, Renault should have upgrade for engine so RB can be in mix too.
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