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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. gr8soundz
    I think he was referencing a famous Snoop Dogg rap lyric.
    Better an old Ferrari engine than a current Honda.
  2. Hutnicks

    Alonso stating 13th on the grid as"divine" is a big tell, especially when he goes on to predict being DFL after the first straight.Asinine rumours persist on Sauber going with the Honda motor. Monisha, if you really wanna save a buck just go to the Home Depot and buy out all their weed whackers. Hang on to last years SCUDmotor it at least puts you ahead of the MacManor's
    Dunno what the real deal is with Pascal. Either there is a heap more physical damage than the media is reporting or there is a financial issue happening there. One of those typical f1 skullduggery deals I suspect, where no one will know the truth for about 3 months or so.
    Shaping up to be a year of first and second banana grids. Lew and Vet vs. Kimi and Val. We need Deadbull to pull their fingers out just to mess with the top four drivers positioning. Odd they are not blaming all their ills on Renault so far. Ric and Max both seem to think its rear end grip doing them in. I guess they did not get Newey's full attention in the off season.
  3. oqvist
    I read that he had several fractures to the bones in the neck. Don´t know the word so it seem indeed quite serious. 
    Honda engine is believe it or not better. They have the same top speed but Honda seem to have more power for acceleration. Reliability I don´t know you would think the Ferrari would be better there.
  4. Hutnicks

    That sure sounds serious. Pulling 8 G with a bunch of fractures would be almost suicidal.
     It would seem so. The Honda does not seem to have improved in reliability at all.
    From the latest race I am starting to suspect the Twings are somehow interfering with the DRS systems. It will shape up to be an interesting season if they do not expand the DRS zone and drivers are forced to create dive bombing maneuvers to gain positions. There was some very creative driving in China.
  5. MuZo2
    Pascal I think more is victim of political issue. Ferrari won't give them new spec engine because they are looking to switch to Merc or Honda. Because Pascal is no pay driver, everything depends on how Sauber Merc deal goes.
  6. Hutnicks

    I wonder really. If in fact decisions are being made soley on what engine one can possibly bring to a team then F1 need a bigger enema than even Ross Brawn suspects.
     I mean it's not like Stroll, other than bringing daddys checkbook to the equation was influential on the MercMotor for Williams. Be nice to see revenue sharing come about and put an end to bought seats though. One thing to have a heap of sponsors behind a driver paying the freight (Alonso) and quite another to have conglomerates pushing an agenda for PR regardless of the talent factor (InThe Waldo).
     Sauber needs to get remanaged and suck the big pipe of the VW group who keeps rattling the sabres they don't actually have. Monisha should be playing that angle and tell Honda to go take a flying leap into Tokyo Bay. Without a European workshop Honda has as much chance of getting it right before the next engine regs come about as Trump does of living out his presidency.
  7. Hutnicks
    Interesting to me that this thread is much more dormant than it was last year. With all the new changes I thought it might be hopping. Hope all'yall are listening to music instead[​IMG]
    Kimi taking the usual raking from the SCUD management. The million dollar whipping boy. Recant sinner, there were no torque problems with the engine, we had the perfect pit strategy and you just didn't clue in, and all radio messages from now on are everything is fine, just fine..
      Scary to me is Manure going to auction. Usually a defunct F1 team is an amazing opportunity for someone to jump in finance for 2 to 3 years and sell out at about a half billion dollar profit. The currency of F1 seems to have changed for the worse and that may go some ways to explaining MaC's inability to attract a sponsor. 
    Now just how is Liberty going to deal with that?
  8. gr8soundz
    Kimi is still the most recent Ferrari Champion, even if it was 10yrs ago. Finishing 40+ sec behind Vettel and falsely criticizing the car might be the last straws however. But who would replace Kimi? Alonso again (the traveler)?
    With Bernie gone (and now Malaysia 2018) I doubt anyone would take the investment risk right now even with a ready made team available. There's not enough trust yet in the new owners.
  9. Hutnicks

    Not a chance, Teflonso only moves on to a team that is guaranteed to fail. In any other industry he would be regarded as the Savant Pariah he is.
    Excellent point there, trust in the new direction  being a paramount issue. Yet still the VW group rumours persist. I cannot help but wonder if this is not a case of the acne ridden geek trying to court the prom queen:)
  10. WraithApe
    With good weather on Sunday (a rare occurrence here in April) I was damned if I was gonna stay in watching F1 highlights when there was a BBQ in the offing [​IMG] So missed China completely. Maybe catch the next one...
  11. Hutnicks

    Unseasonably warm here for a few days as well.
    Is the Teflonso rumour about skipping Monaco to run Indy a late April fools joke?
  12. WraithApe
    I was wondering the same thing... weird one. Seems legit though. Early return to the fray for Button? Is he really going to be ****ed? He'd probably rather be putting his feet up on a yacht in Monaco I imagine.
  13. Hutnicks

    Unless they have some other prodigy in the test mode to stick into the car. Button would do well to make himself scarce for that one, like an autograph signing in Kamchatka or something.
  14. Muinarc
    This season is not looking promising to me so far. The many off hand comments about not being able to close a gap once your within 2 seconds bodes poorly for any good racing. Lord knows the first two races weren't very exciting and one was even in mixed conditions which usually makes things exciting! Tires that last a whole race.... ugh. Alonso citing fuel level concerns on what most would assume to be a de-tuned Honda engine doesn't sound good either. You detune it to make it reliable for a race distance but it still can't conserve fuel? That new Honda engine sounds like a dog to me.
  15. MuZo2
    Yeah overtaking is concern also how cars behind get influence even when they are behind 2sec. Verstappen was complaining about blue flag even when Magnusen was 2sec ahead. Ricciardo couldn't get past Verstappen even with DRS. So they might have to tweak few rules like DRS detection & blue flag distances.
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