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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    Rules the same except they let drivers crash eachother out in the races more without consequences.
    That overtaking is harder then ever seems proven actually but cars is faster and maybe longer tife span can get the pit overtaking more interesting? In the future I expect more undercuts then overcuts though seeing how easy it is to keep a faster driver behind.
    Cars look cooler with thicker tires but to bad about the shark fin. And there is to much pink in the force india car.
  2. WraithApe
    Yeah, I was expecting fuel loss and a change to fresh tyres to make more of a difference in the latter stages. I'm still surprised they were so far off quali times though.
  3. gr8soundz
    I think some teams overestimated how much longer their tires (grip) would last and they couldn't risk losing more time with 2nd stops.
  4. Hutnicks

    Yes. I am quite shocked that the fuel burnoff did not seem to make much difference.
    Have to temper all this with the thoughts that it is a street circuit and China may prove to be vastly different.
    I am wondering if Red Bull is going to be sporting Twings anytime soon.  They are not that far off the pace right now.
    Ferrari did a great job of STFU and just build the car for once. Perhaps the Borgia days at SCUDland are finally over. Really have to wonder why Kimi was off the pace in this one.
    I don't think anyone is surprised at Bottas performance, he was just crying for a decent car and his last year at Williams must have been just painful.
    Still wondering what Lew was worried about with the floor on his car. No news on that yet. I still think the Merc is not that far off from the Ferrari. Going to be an interesting season particularly with the difficulty in passing a fast car up front.
     I wonder if Magnusen ever sits down over a beer and thinks. The best day of my life was when Ron Dennis fired me:)  This year Orange is not the new black but MacLaren is the new Manor. Sad times indeed.
    Torro Rosso looking pretty mid pack competitive, could they be coming along finally?
  5. MuZo2
    New aero rules don't add anything for racing, its made overtaking more difficult. Imagine if Hamilton had overtaken Redbull race would have been more spicy.
  6. oqvist
    He didn´t have the pace to follow Vettel though. You are right of course but there was a long time since F1 offered good racing. It will just be about hotlapping now when the other is in pits. Ruleset benefit great hotlappers over great racers :)
  7. Hutnicks

    Just for the sake of argument the goal is to complete the distance in the fastest time. If you can do that without encountering anyone else on the track the better for you. Hence sayings like "Drive your own race." One could argue that the current state of F1 although lacking in spectator appeal is the very culmination of the solution to the problem.
  8. oqvist
    The goal is to finish first and if it´s easier to overtake in the pits that is what you do. We still have DRS so it will probably not be quite as bad as in the slicks era.
    Drive your own race they could do interval starts like in cross country skiing before they started with f1 starts that is poop and the fastest time wins. 
  9. Hutnicks

    DRS is going to be rendered a lot less effective with this years aero configurations. If what the drivers are saying is to be believed they would need to expand the DRS window to 2 or 3 seconds of the car ahead to make any kind of real gain here. I would not rule that out as a possibility.
    Overtaking in the pits is also up for question here as the best tyre management is going to win out no matter what kind of under/over/sideways cut you try to do. They should have given much more thought to re introducing refueling to bring another element to stategy. Limit the fuel for sure but let them put it in when they want to.
    I am also really curious as to what would have happened if someone had had the balls to dive into the pits on the false start for a change of tyre. The lap counted to race distance so that should have been legal. For mid pack or back swapping the rubber so you could do the distance without a pit would have made a significant gain in track position. Surprised Teflonso did not try that, his mind usually works that way, then again he probably is occupied just trying to keep all the cars parts pointed in the same direction.
     It is and always was a time over distance formula (most races are) finishing first is incidental to that. If you look at LeMans and endurance racing history there are some very real examples of that being enforced. In fact I seem to remember
  10. jimmers
    Finishing first is not incidental, it is dependent on the time over distance by definition:.
    "45.1 The car placed first will be the one having covered the scheduled distance in the shortest time,
    or, where appropriate, passed the Line in the lead at the end of two hours (or more under
    Article 5.3)."
  11. Hutnicks

    Sure it is and it's right there in the reg you quote. The car is placed first, that is a reward granted by the governing body for covering the distance in the shortest time.
     Let me put it to you another way. If Vettel starting on the front row wins and by some miracle the car at the end of the grid is less than half a second (rough guess at the length of the grid) behind, who should be declared the winner?
  12. jimmers
    Fortunately that's not my problem [​IMG]
    Ideally they would know at what time the car at the end of the grid crossed the start line [​IMG]   (not really)
    Without looking further into the regs I would imagine the time starts when race starts (the lights go out) and the distance starts at the start line.
  13. Hutnicks

    Exactly which is why qualifying takes on such a premium value in the whole process.
    It is going to be an interesting season rule wise as well. There are a lot of little things that can be tweaked without putting the teams into a panic. With Brawn around and Todt just oh so happy with the money Liberty provided to the FIA, I suspect we might see some tuning of the overall race management. They seem to have better heads than to go with knock out qualifying or some other asinine fairground ploy.
     I would almost be willing to bet they widen the DRS window before midseason.
  14. oqvist
    In this case your idea still apply. Vettel has driven faster but not from start to finish since the seconds to start line don´t count. He must pass Hamilton for the race distance that counts.
  15. MuZo2
    F1 journalist went crazy yesterday.

    Alfa Romeo set to bail out McLaren in shock takeover!

    Giovinazzi set to replace Raikkonen for the Chinese GP

    Shock as Rosberg returns for Mercedes – Bottas out

    Hamilton quits F1 as Alonso gets Mercedes drive
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