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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. wink
    On a more serious note, Mark Webber has retired from sports cae racing.
    Wikileaks - er Wikipedia says :-
    "On 13 October 2016, Webber announced that he would retire from driving at the end of the 2016 season in order to take up a representative role with Porsche and to focus on media roles with Channel 4's coverage of F1 and WEC."
  2. WraithApe
    Good bloke, Webber. If he starts to play a bigger part in the C4 coverage, maybe they could move Eddie Jordan on... Sky beckons.. Jordan and Brundle - the dream team. [​IMG]
  3. Hutnicks

    Only problem with that is I don't get C4 coverage over here.
    If Webber displaced Bumbledoor though I would not be upset at all. Never happen unless Martin has another heart attack.
  4. Hutnicks
  5. WraithApe
    What are they going to about it though? Their threats to form a rival formula have always come to naught in the past. I welcome this move - always thought the legacy payments were grossly unfair and unjustifiable (not just Ferrari, but their 90m is by far the biggest).
  6. Hutnicks

    I don't disagree but once given, taking payments away can be a tough go. I think they are going to have to create a much different business model and the team payment overhaul needs to take a back seat to the extortionate costs of holding an F1 race these days. If races keep dropping of the calendar, who gets paid what will soon become a very moot point.
    ...and on that note.
    Looks like they Ross Perot'd Bernie here. Keep him around and hope he just fades away:)
    Good ideas if they can find a structure to implement them. It is a pure sin that a track makes more on a club race than they do on a Grand Prix.
  7. Hutnicks
    About time to drag this up again.
    So Mac renames the MP4. Denis must have really PO'd them to bring that on. This looks like corporate erasure at it's best.
    The SCUD, waffling and wait and seeing on the Liberty deal and share options. I wonder if the guys at Liberty actually read any of the Bernie bios. He was always forthright in stating that when he initially was putting together the commercial rights he went to the teams first to get them to buy in. Not one taker at the time. After he made the venture work of course it was a different story.
    Lowe back to Williams, no surprise there except for him buying part of the team.
    Rumours of Alison to Merc persist. I really wonder if after the politics at the SCUD he wants to be the meat in the Lauda Wolff sandwich?
    Niki of course, flip flopping to say how Merc wont miss Rosberg. No matter what you think of the guy, a team principal should really have his mouth under control better than that.
     I really would love to see Nico write a book. If Liberty does not scoop him up in some consultant role we might just get one.
    RB thumping their chests and threatening. I really hope so guys, I really do.
    Alonso, obviously a convert to Ronbo's aluminum enriched diet, claiming it's not engine but aero on the car this year. Honda must have pulled some severe rabbit out of the hat on that one then. Or it could be dementia setting in, which might make for an interesting year in itself. Fredo trying to get into Bottas' car on the grid would be a media delight.
  8. wink
    What this thread needs is some real motorsport......
  9. Hutnicks
    Well, the new cars are unveiled.
    The SCUD gets my vote for ugliest car on the grid. Looks like they just stuck everything on at the last minute.
    Mac not looking bad. Merc of course looking impeccable. Personal hope is for the FI, I will miss the nostrils but not a bad car this year for the money they have. Heres hoping they can cause some mayhem amongst the top 3 .
  10. oqvist
    Cars 20 cm wider how will that help overtaking?
  11. Hutnicks

    I think that was Hamiltons question as well. With all the geegaws hanging off them to manage the airflow around the wider tyres I suspect the wakes are going to be even more diabolical than last year. Barcelona should be interesting.
  12. oqvist
    Yeah the downforce too. We will be back to the era of pit overtaking. 
    Nobody like to race against wide cars. They had to modify that maserati GT and how the Nissan GTR was allowed to race I don´t know. You see nothing behind one.
  13. Hutnicks

    I guess Rosberg got out just in time. No way anyone is getting by Verstappen this year[​IMG]
  14. xkonfuzed
    The new designs are somewhat polarizing for me tbh. I don't like how most manufacturers re-used the same liveries as last year and even the new ones like Mclaren's return to orange looks a disappointment. Also hate how the new "fins" look like. Force India's one looks preposterous. 
  15. MuZo2
    Yeah Merc was best looking car until today morning. Fins & Twings spoil the looks.
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