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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. Hutnicks
  2. 62ohm
    Anyone know any details on SCUD's veto rights? Like, how many vetos-per-year are they allowed to throw, or the maximum significance of the rules change which can be veto'ed?
  3. Hutnicks

    My understanding is there is no limit. Or in other words "No means No"
  4. oqvist
    If we cut the fundings to SCUD they might agree :D
  5. Hutnicks

    That is one of the things I will be curious about with the new American Masters. Fair play and all I cannot see them leaving the SCUD in control of the whole show. A few billion bucks to them might just lead them to believe they are actually in charge:)
    On another note. I have just been re reading "The Unfair Advantage" after far too long. Donohue recounts his time in the MacLaren M16B champ car when he and Gary Bettenhausen were running for Penske iat Indy  Identical set ups and yet Donohue kept losing engines (7)while Bettenhausen never lost a single one. No conspiracy theories ever surfaced over that one.
     Some great stories about he and Penske dealing with the SCUD over the 512 as well[​IMG] 
    .....Meanwhile.............The MacLaren pogrom continues. So just about everyone there who ever said "Hi Ron" while passing on the way to the loo is being purged. I wonder who will show up to the first GP next year?
  6. Hutnicks
    Gee Claire. Would it perhaps have anything to do with the fact that Lance has shown nowhere near the talent of Verstappen and Williams financial decline is the butt of most pit lane jokes leading people to believe you hung out a sign "Seat for rent, will sell Bottas for food stamps"?
    Interesting Honda finally goes with the split turbine scenario for the new motor. Is size zero caput now that Ronbo is off planting Germaniums:wink:
  7. oqvist
    Felix Rosenqvist should get a spot in one of the top teams. He was the only one able to compete with simracers on their home turf in the Vegas E-race. Finishing second aftersome controversy. They have a stupid thing called fan boost in Formula E. Supposed to get it for some 6 seconds but Olli who won the race got it for 6 laps. Later demoted to 3rd. Shown he can win in every car he tried so far. Time to get to try F1 as well :D
  8. Hutnicks

    I hear Trump is going to replace the SEALs with Call of Duty winners. They work for Doritos and can stay up for days on end[​IMG]
    WraithApe likes this.
  9. oqvist
    No COD winners works for Doritos :p. As for simracing there isn´t a lot of price money so there it may be some :D
    It would be really interesting to have a parallell championship. It´s the only way to make sure every driver have the same chance to win a race and it would say more then anything else how the drivers actually stack up against eachother. 
  10. Hutnicks

    Ah. Just use original IROC rules on F1. The drivers move between cars at each race. Cannot wait to see Alonso and Hamiltons reactions when they draw Manure on the Friday lottery:)
  11. WraithApe
    Oh well... [​IMG]
  12. Hutnicks

    Yeah. Massa coming out of retirement is nice for him but really his last season at Williams was no great shakes.  Bottas at Merc is good for him but with Vettel and Teflonso up for grabs at the end of this year it's going to be a cauldron for him.   I wonder if Lowe going back to Williams had any input on the overall deal?
  13. WraithApe
    I've always found Bottas one of the more appealing personalities among F1 drivers. He races hard but doesn't come across as a ******. I expect there'll be a more clearly defined pecking order at Merc now though; he's got to be going there on the understanding that Lewis is unequivocally #1 don't you think? If that is the team's expectation of him, he might not be under quite so much pressure.
  14. Hutnicks

    Certainly they do not owe him the debt they did Rosberg who was incumbent before Lew's arrival. Bottas indeed does seem one of the less dramatic off track personalities on the grid and perhaps that will hold him in good stead there. I still think the pressure will be intense on him particularly in qualifying sessions. I will be interested to see how that winds up spicing up the front end of the races this year.
  15. oqvist
    Bottas will run eights around Hamilton considering Hamilton lost to the worst driver on the grid last year :D.
    I do hope they will get an equal car and there is no ******** in the contract. But this is motorsport so it´s not likely. New reglement so Hamiltons edge being in a familiar setup will be less then it would otherwise.
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