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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. MuZo2
    Not sure why Merc would want Nico to win and not Hamilton. May be there was something like "schieb ihn raus" [​IMG]
  2. gr8soundz
    Who said they engineered the failures (and when, where)?
    And when did the team say 'Hamilton is so fast that not even our superior drivetrain can keep up with him?'
    Both drivers suffered DNFs in previous years but never so lopsided as this year.
    Mercedes will never admit whether or not they wanted Nico to win. However, after ALL the events of 2016, anyone disputing that Rosberg didn't benefit from team decisions must be blind.
  3. 62ohm
    Did you look at the link? Rosberg has had 8 DNFs over the course of 4 years while Hamilton has had only 4.
    My point of bringing 2012 mechanical failures up for discussion as well was that he was in an entirely different car and yet kept on having failures, while Button experienced no such thing. Must be a sabotage, eh? Else, if I said it wasn't a sabotage, I must be blind..
    Hamilton benefited from Massa's failures in '08, so Ferrari must be sabotaging, right? Else, everyone else must be blind.. 
    Speculations, speculations, speculations... I don't understand why Hamilton fanboys speculate so much on the events of this year. Just accept the facts and move on, please? [​IMG] 
  4. Hutnicks
    It's a plot to promote teutonic invincibility in the wake of VW's monumental worldwide gaffe. Angela Merckel actually promised to match the Bernie Bonus if they could do something to promote Automotive Zuperiority to the world.[​IMG]
    I think the FIA had a little to do with it as well:)
    The other side of the coin being Nico had more time in that car than any driver on earth and was bested by LewHam twice running. Something not wrong there but indicative of driver performance and setup abilities.
    Of course Merc wanted Nico to win. Can you possibly imagine the difficulties within the team if the longest serving driver never managed to convert that to a WDC while the so called newcomer did? The race outside the race comes into play here and once again the management is at issue. How do you manage the PR in holding on to Nico if he does not provide a WDC? Both parties were invested and look at how it may have played out if he lost again and they wound up d
    It's not a matter of acceptance. Nor of being a fanboy or not.
    I was wondering when folk would start looking at the stats and notice Rosbergs ill luck in previous years. It's a spot on analysis, hence why I am crying out for a statistician to chime in here. Lord knows F1 has everything else, amazes me they have no one to do proper analysis. Then again that's probably a conspiracy too:)
    Don't be daft man! Of course the SCUD  was sabotoging. You just simply are mislead in not noticing there historical prowess at self sabotage:) Good reason one very specific combination of staff resulted in 5 in a row, and a massive drought afterwards. Kimis's win is a statistical anomaly and largely attributed to Brawns design influence after he left rather than indicative of the SCUD's ability to mange themselves:)
    Hammer was bested by consistancy, deadpan devotion to duty, new found time in Karts at the expense of family and one diabolically successful sports psychologist.. In short Nico did everything right while the hammer made a couple of blunders.
      Someone along the line put everything together to form a collective genius. My simpleton analysis of the entire situation is Mr Rosberg over the off season sat down with some very very smart persons and dispassionately went through the chain of events that lead him to not being the WDC in the last two seasons. From there if you really look at the chain of event philosopy it's no big jump to see that a lot of his points losses were do to him responding to Lewis rather than creating his own strategy. RULE 1  ALWAYS drive your own race. Hard to do when even you know the guy you are chasing is actually a better driver. Second point for two years running Nico never took advantage of Lews weakness. Nice guy syndrome? Who knows. This year though, no sweat,if your opponent is down put you boot heel in the wound and grind. Get up on the podium and smile and say he drove a good race and give him the accolades, knowing full well you just kicked him in the kidneys. Three. Play to the audience. The audience in this case being Merc themselves. Put yourself in a place where in the 50 50 situation they will at best favour you and at worst hum and haw over giving your team mate support in the given situation. In short make it easier for them to be "fair" to you over being "fair" to him.
     Let me sum this up in short here. Nico did a magnificent  job of adapting his inherent weaknesses into strengths and playing on all the events of the previous two years to put together a mental "Package" to which Lewis did not have a solution.
    I am dying to read the book of this years championship. Brutally and simply put, nobody gives a **** about your career Nico, we all want to know who you took on personal staff and what you had to cut out of your life in this single season to defeat a driver everyone including yourself rated as faster and better. That is the David and Goliath sport story of this century
     Nico put it all together and found his "Unfair Advantage"
    Yeah I am still not a fan. I am however a respectful convert eager to know what he did here to turn this all around. Perhaps that makes his single WDC worth more to me than just about any other I have witnessed.
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  5. MuZo2
    Nick admitted he took services of zen master, may be he also hired black magician to some voodoo on Hamilton engines.
  6. Hutnicks

    Odd that the book "Zen and the art of Kart racing" has actually never been written.
      Understand that in F1, the race is a poorly representative example of what in fact goes on well before time.
    Again, opinion, but if you wanted to expand the audience Bernie and the new "maybe" powers that be missed the boat. Hit up all the subscibers to Wired and sell them on the points of process, technology and persons result in the greatest technological show on earth.
     There are people to be loved, hated, businesses piss poorly run (Williams) well run and foundering, technology applied and missaplied and spokespeople for good or bad in the form of drivers. I have sated previously that F1 is the microcosm of global business compressed into an easily observable environment. Happily for once I seem to have got that right, Ross Brawn makes the same claim in his book.
      Now what indeed does that say about Trump:)  Are we on the cusp of controlle americano in F1 or will it die on the vine in the face of Global scrutiny? Three years will tell the tale.
     Any keeners out there willing to use "The Circus" as a global econometric?
  7. gr8soundz
    The link shows non-point scoring finishes due to mechanical issues. It doesn't include grid penalties due to failures nor potential wins lost because of it. Even they can't explain the gross engine problems Lewis suffered this year.
    You continue to compare different drivers and cars. We're talking about the (supposed) same cars within the same team over the course of the same year/season.
    Fact is, Lewis was out of engines less than halfway through this season. He took a huge penalty to get 3 new engines only to have one fail again. Merc's swap of mechanics resurfaced because of that. Why is it that anyone who mentions either of those 2 facts is labeled a fanboy? Do you dislike Hamilton so much that you even deny those truths?
    Perhaps Mercedes should just admit that half of their mechanics are less competent and that it was time for Lewis to work with them this year.
  8. 62ohm
  9. Hutnicks
    Simply stated. Why is it none of you even entertain this is a management issue an not a driver issue?  This that who what fanboy not fanboy, none of this is at issue as the decisions are made well above the drivers paygrade yet suspicously enough below the BoD's awareness. Get with the program (pogrom) folks and look at the possiblility the neither driver got a fair shake here ever in their careers. They were both combatting against Merc GP itself.
  10. Muinarc
    I was bored so I did some maths :)
    After all 21 races Hamilton out qualified Rosberg by a whopping 0.881 seconds. I didn't count Hamilton's DNF qualifying in China or his Q1 exit in Belgium. I did count his Q2 exit in Russia though.
    I will agree Hamilton is the better "racer" he's better at passing and he's overall quicker, but racing in a championship series is also about being smart and consistent. Rosberg was well deserving of the title, much like Button was in '09.
    Take it for what you will, just having fun with numbers.
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  11. gr8soundz
    Of course its a management issue. That goes without saying. Mechanics don't move themselves nor do they give team orders.
    If Mercedes management can scare away Ross Brawn, and now that Nico has left, who knows how much longer Hamilton will remain with the team?
  12. Hutnicks

    Exactly. Except they did not scare away Brawn, he was forcibly ejected. That in and of itself should be an indicator of the politics involved there.
    Nico took the money and ran. Good for him and most likely well out of it.
  13. gr8soundz
    Brawn didn't trust Wolff or Lauda:
    Don't know what the hell Nico was doing. His sudden retirement and saying he would not have retired had he finished 2nd make me question why he was in F1 to begin with.
    He said his goal was to win ONE world championship, not 4 or 5. What kind of competiive driver thinks like that? Where is the desire to keep racing and to defend his championship (like almost every other pro driver)? Hard to cheer for someone who looked at the F1 WDC as something to merely check off his bucket list.
  14. Hutnicks

    I just read the book from which that article was taken. Make no mistake he was outmaneuvered by two cunning ( and I mean that in the root sense of the word) politicos. Both Lauda and Wolff did there very best to ensure he had no place left in the team. No mistake there he was ushered out and as he puts it himself left before the spectacle of being escorted off the premises could occur.
    WRT to Rosberg. Sure he was never going to be the next Schumacher, but then again that is a mantle Vettel has attempted to assume for himself. Might as well look back on Villenueve Jr who left every series except F1 after wining a championship. He only stayed in F1 to become a team owner. Rosberg had no such ambitions (it would appear) allthough with his money and potential access to backers right now at this moment in time he could take over FI and make them the new :Red Bull.
    To say the only reason to be in F1 is to win multiple championships is to ignore the rule and favour the exception. He as well as everyone else knows that while capable he is not an exceptional driver.
     Put another way. How many people win millions on the lottery then queue up next week to buy another ticket?
  15. gr8soundz
    True, but that's what makes (most) F1 drivers so extreme. They just keep racing no matter what.
    Guys like Button and Massa could've retired a long ago. Certainly they had enough money to do so but kept racing anyway, championship or not, injuries or not.
    I just have a hard time cheering for someone whom I now see wasn't fully committed. No wonder he couldn't beat Lewis for 18 years (til now and with help); Nico was in it for the wrong reasons.
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