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Formula 1-fi (Read the First Post!)

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  1. oqvist
    If Alonso go to Merc I hope McLaren Honda gets good :D
  2. Hutnicks
    The "Alonso Factor" would make that a given. Be even better if he ran away to merc, Button got called back and won the WDC as the Honda comes on song.
      Hey, I can dream, can't I:)  ?
  3. xkonfuzed
    Alonso and Hamilton in the same car for next year? God that would make for an unbelievable season. I really hope it happens.
  4. WraithApe
    It'd be a tight squeeze.
  5. MuZo2
  6. MuZo2
    Seems all not well with Hamilton & Merc, he is still complaining about past events. May trying to dictate  who his partner next year will be.
  7. Hutnicks
    Well in his shoes I would still want some answers with regards to those engine failures. I would also want some significant changes in the behaviours of the three amigos running the show. All well and good for the corporation to harp about the "Team" and fairplay. Does not do much to inspire that though when the three principals are all singing different songs
     Throw Teflonso into that mix and you have Chernobyl waiting to happen.
    So yeah, perhaps he wants some input into who gets the seat.
  8. gr8soundz
    Don't think Alonso would be a good choice. He and Hamilton didn't workout as teammates in 2007 because Alonso couldn't handle a rookie outperforming him. Hamilton might have won the driver's title that first year if not for some of those issues.
  9. Hutnicks
    Well if Flav says it wont happen then we know its true[​IMG]   Merc claims The Teflon one was on the phone to them the minute Rosberg uttered the word "retire" and now a week later Flav starts with the we have a contract line. Anyone else think that Mercs response to that call was less than lukewarm?
     Wolff now coming in line with Dobby Lowes statement and saying they made the wrong call on Ham. That leaves only Lauda out in the cold once again. Methinks that huge driver ego's aside, the management there had more to do with that whole driver conflict than we have been apprised of.
     I still think there will be some form of restructure there over the winter.
  10. Herueyes
    Merc Played Ham to benefit Rosberg & Rosberg Played Merc to benefit himself...
    Merc put all their eggs (& Ham's Mechanics) in the Rosberg basket!!!
    Rosberg has taken the basket(WDC) & left the building!!! Merc got Pimped!!
    This is a p.r. Nightmare for Merc - They don't have the #1 driver nor can they
    Claim to have two WDC drivers in their lineup for 2017...
    This must be karma for engineering a WDC for Rosberg...
    I can only imagine the amount of finger pointing going on in Stuttgart!!!
    Achtung Baby!!! Achtung!!!

    gr8soundz likes this.
  11. oqvist
    With that logic Merc put all eggs in the basket for hamilton as well for his two WCs. Isn´t it correct to give Nico a chance for once then? He managed to win quite a few races and not destroying nearly as many engines with the nr 2 car. Don´t forget how he demolished Schumi another german you wouldn´t expect he would get favourable treatment against :wink:
  12. gr8soundz
    Mercedes didn't know how to win a modern championship until Hamilton arrived. The whole team benefited from his performance data.
    In 2014 and 2015 Nico finished 67 and 59 points behind Lewis. Now this year, after Merc swapped garage personnel and Hamilton alone suffered 5 engine failures, Nico won by 5 points. As Hamilton said, there were 8 cars on the grid with Mercedes engines but only his kept failing. The team said Lewis wasn't the cause and this was his 3rd year with them. Why didn't he (or even Nico) suffer 5 engine failures in previous years (its basically the same engine)?
    Also, when Schumacher came out of retirement, Merc made 2 different cars just to suit his preferences. IIRC, his had a longer wheelbase than Nico's. Can't really compare Nico to an aging, unretired Schumi in a slightly different car.
  13. 62ohm
    Still can't believe how people can actually be convinced that Merc engineered Hamilton's breakdowns... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Looking at Hamilton's past, including numerous gearbox issues he had in 2012, could it be, that, you know, it is simply a matter of his driving style that wears out parts much quicker than everyone else?
    Occam's razor is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case, the simpler one is usually better.
    oh and, might as well add this http://www.skysports.com/f1/news/24181/10604387/f1-2016-just-how-unlucky-has-lewis-hamilton-been-this-season 
    Rosberg having DNFs in '14 & '15 and nobody bats an eye, Hamilton having DNFs and everyone loses their mind.. [​IMG]
  14. Muinarc
    Every race had a guy on the grassy knoll waiting for a chance to get at Hamilton's car.
  15. Hutnicks
    Occam stated rather simply and elegantly "Entities should not be multiplied". Any statisticians here?
    While it may look very bad, the failure rate may well be within the mean for X number of engines over Y number of miles. I suspect statistically the failures fall well within the mean. That they happened to one driver does bring up other issues and of course the crew swap comes leapingly to mind. Hill famously took a berating from Frank Williams for a retirement when afterwards it turned out a mechanic had failed to bolt the front suspension down. Errors happen. Are we looking at engine manufacturing errors or a crew that was not at their best not securing one of the many integral parts? Likely we will never know   Merc will whitewash the truth to suit themselves.
    I thought it was Lauda in the pits with his finger on the big red self destruct button:)
    I am still speculating on a shake up and most likely over the new driver choice. You cannot continue to berate drivers when you have three, count em three team principles all going there own way at any given time. If they play their usual games at this point and wind up with some poor driver choice ( I hear IntheWalldo send Toto a Christmas basket:)) the BoD will have no choice but to step in and sort some things out.
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