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Former Westone 4 Owner looking for new IEM in similar price range

  1. Inks
    Oh no SM64 is way inferior to the W4, not even close. It's fine if someone prefers the SM but performance wise the SM64 is one of the worst high prices iems. It's got a huge 4k suckout like the Heir 4ai and that's only the start...
  2. SoundFreaq
    Way inferior in what way? By measurements?
    I guess that goes to show measurements only go so far...
    Hell, I think my $1,200 Piano Forte's measure and perform worse than Apple earbuds. Shouldn't it be all about preference?
  3. Inks

    Yes, because its not tainted by personal bias. It has a suckout, likely poor crossover implementation, even worse than that of the 4ai....there's just no excuse for it
  4. aras
    Do you have a link to the SM64 freq graph?
  5. Inks
    It will be posted in Rins blog soon, linked in my signature below.
  6. SoundFreaq
    The bottom line is, and should be, that the SM64 is a very awesome listen, and I would bet the vast majority of people would pick it over the W4, especially if they are trying to get away from neutral and boring. SM64 is one of the most engaging listens under $500 bucks around. That, and the Flat4 SUI, and the FAD Heaven V. All measure very poorly, all have dedicated followers. You like the Flat4 yourself. 
    The W4 is a fine earphone. No doubt. I owned it twice. At the end of the day, it's preference. And the OP wants to get away from the W4 whether it measures better or not. For the OP, the SM64 is what the doctor ordered. And for many other people, it is nothing short of a fantastic earphone in its price range. Because it is. 
  7. Inks
    Every other recommendation made here is better than SM64, I don't see the need to impose your preference. objectively performance is simply not there
  8. Inks
    W4 is not completely neutral and requires certain tweaking to sound best, maybe proper tips and setups weren't used
  9. czqdtc

    No surprise, ES5 is the worst CIEM I've ever owned.
  10. vwinter

    Link to bolded measurements? Am curious.

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