For those trying to reach me....
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....I have been in and out of the office/town, somewhat unexpectedly. Additionally, a very dear family member is in the hospital, and so I will likely be spending a lot of time at the hospital over the next couple of days. When here (at the hospital), I will likely have little more available to me than my BlackBerry.

If you're awaiting a response or action from me, thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

(I will not be checking in to much at all over the next couple of days.)

Best Regards,

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Completely understandable!
Best wishes to your family member.
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All the best to you and your family Jude.
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Yes, best wishes Jude.
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Thanks, guys, for the well-wishes. I'm back at the hospital. The family is rotating throughout the day in shifts, and, because I can be such a night-owl anyway, I've gladly taken the overnight shift again.

But tonight I'm prepared, with my laptop, my portable rig, and some DVDs (the Firefly series that I'm borrowing from one of my co-workers--love it).

Cherish the ones you love, friends. Nothing new or mind-blowing there, as far as advice, folks, I know--trite even. But I had to say it as I sit next to someone who's not in the best of shape, and who'd do anything for anyone (closest thing to a saint in my life) in better days.

Again, thanks for the well-wishes.
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I lost my last angel two years ago. To see them grow frail is such a hopeless feeling. It's good of you to provide strength and comfort to your loved one. That's all you can do now and humane of you to give your love and time in their time of need. My foster mom died in her sleep with her children and grandchildren singing her favorite hymns.

May you find peace and, by chance, a miracle.

Thank you for all your efforts to our head-fi family. We are here for you too.

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