For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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CFA Cascara + Hiby FC6
Japanese heavy metal 🤘

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Grado RS-1x
Can’t seem to move past these and return to my older kit!
Apple Music > Naim Atom HE on XLR > WOO WA22
A little David Garrett from his album being released in October. Only two tracks out so far. I enjoy the energy in many of his works.

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is that a stock headband I see? What's the world coming to? :D
It is comfortable & I like the look. It gives SR325x a no-BS appearance. Not to worry, a grey Turbulent Labs headband is on 'contingent' duty 🫡.
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Sennheiser HD8xx [w/Full Sticker Mod, Audio Envy ToneKraft hpc, Oratory 1990 EQ]<--Violectric V222 [w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Ambient" configuration, Pre-Gain: -06dB]<--XLO Signature S3-2 XLR . . . <--Denafrips ENYO 15th [w/Synergistic Research MiG 3.0 Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration, Shakti Air Stone, NOS] . . . <--NuPrime CDT-8 Pro [i2s: DSD 256 w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration, Shakti Stone] . . . <--Core Power Technologies EQUI=CORE 600 [w/Synergistic Research MiG (1.0) Isolation Footers @ "Pin-Point" configuration]|Furutech Flux-50 NCF|CablePro REVERIE pc:

[Windham Hill 1994]
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Tidal 16/44 -> ADI-2 DAC (+6dB Low Shelf @ 85 Hz, Q=0.9) ->Topping A70pro -> (Code 23) Empire Ears Evo

Meridian by Caspro and Stilz

Big bouncy mid beats with lush fully expressed synthesizer, perfect for this over the top chain of Code 23/Empire Evo... big IEMs, BIG cable, BIGGER BEAT :)
Spectacular recommendation, not what I expected, but ended up wanting this EP to have at least 6 tracks more :)
Thank you for sharing!
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Qobuz/Roon > Burson C3R > Focal Utopia OG
The OG Utopia and the C3R with it's hint of added warmth, smoothness and soundstage width make for a pretty nice pairing...

Sigur Ros - Agaetis byrjun (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
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