For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?
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Qobuz > roon > HoloAudio Cyan II > Violectric V222 > Grado RS-1x :musical_note::musical_note::L3000::musical_note::musical_note:

Out Of Place (2024) by Vestbo Trio - I saw @Lindholdt recommend these so I had to give them a listen and am very glad I did. The music is very atmospheric and the RS-1x together with the Cyan II and V222 really lean into that and the result is quite enchanting. The musicianship is top notch without being "showy" and the Grados give the guitar just the right amount of crunch to make it extremely realistic. Thanks for the rec, I am now going through all of their albums and adding them to my roon library. :darthsmile:
Glad to hear you enjoyed the listen :) I think "While You Were Gone" is still my favorite album of theirs, so be sure to give that one a listen as well, if you haven't already.

The Moondrop Dawn Pro is doing all the hard work in the office today, as I forgot my Q15 at home.
I have noticed that I have had a hard time picking any other IEM than the Hisenior Mega5EST over the last few weeks, so I'm considering selling one of my other sets. Its a shame if they just lie around, not being used.
I have been very impressed with the Tanchjim Origin, though, but when comparing directly to the Mega5EST, they do come off as pretty thin sounding. Which is fine for some types of music, but I must admit it is rare that I prefer that sound signature... :thinking:

Anyway, I'm enjoying another fantastic Danish release today, amazing vocal and an overall cheerful atmosphere, makes is a nice album to enhance a good mood or help to get out of a bad one.
Regardless of mood, it is worth giving a listen :)

Sahra Da Silva - You Let A Good Thing Go.

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ZMF Verite + Topping A90 Discrete + Denafrips Ares 12th-1

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Tidal/WiiM Pro plus > E70V > A90D > IER-Z1R
Replacing my PC with the WiiM Pro Plus as dedicated streamer has really had results i did not expect, there is a very audible difference as far as perceived clarity, detail and seperation are concerned. Going back to PC now sounds outright muddy. Should have done this much earlier.
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LTA Aero-> Enleum HPA-23RM (voltage output) -> ZMF Atrium

Some Thursday evening fun!
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Qobuz > roon > HoloAudio Cyan II > Violectric V222 > Sennheiser HD800S :L3000:


The Century Of The Self (2024) by Airbag - Released less than an hour ago and from what I've heard so far it's well up to their high standards. The first track, Dysphoria, really makes the most of the HD800S' expansive soundstage, lots of space between the instruments and Bjorn Riis' howling guitar just soars toward the heavens - I think I'm going to be listening to this album for quite a while.
[edit] I just finished my first playthrough and it gets :thumbsup::thumbsup: from me. Only 5 tracks but they are all very good and the opener and closer are both stunners.
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